International Youth Day 2020 in the Midst of Chaos; Way Forward By Javnyuy Joybert

For Millennial young professionals and entrepreneurs and some Generation Alphas, COVID-19 is their major global economic crisis and pandemic they are facing as key players in the marketplace.


The 2020 International Youth Day is ushering young people into the novel economy popular termed the new normal into a different kind of workplace and work culture popularly termed #WFH (Work From Home). 2020 graduates are entering the worst job market since the Great Depression. Job market full of uncertainty, chaos, fast pace change and much more.


It is a difficult time for young people, some are afraid of their tomorrow, some are stressed up, some are confused and some are definitely excited and curious about what is coming. The only thing certain is an uncertain future, especially in the present marketplace, digitized and global business world.


With COVID-19 pandemic giving birth to more chaos like economic crisis, workplace crisis, unemployment crisis, this has severely affected the livelihoods of young people either as newly recruits, job seekers and or startup owners. Why? You may be asking. The hardest hit segments of the economy or population are daily wagers, low-income earners, entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses and young people make up the largest percentage of this segment.


In this confusing and unsettling times, rapidly changing marketing place, young people need to start making critical and intentional decisions about their careers and businesses. It is high time for young people globally and especially across Africa to know they cannot be on the sidelines, they cannot just watch, they need to wake up, show up and be active key players.


Right now playing the blame game, shying away from responsibilities, staying quiet while people are being oppressed, staying quiet in the midst of bribery, corruption, embezzlement and under development is not for any young person in this present age. It is time for young people to be movers and shakers.


There is no doubt the pandemic has had deep economic, career and social consequences on young people, which will widen existing inequalities between young people and matured professionals and or the wealthy. Despite the massive unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic, the determination, bravery and self-reliant nature of young people will shine forth.

Forward-looking young people are wondering what a post COVID19 marketplace might look like. Truth is, there is a lot of uncertainty how the marketplace will look like after humanity succeed to beat COVID19. Oh yes, you read that right, humanity always win. We are not going to lose this fight.


What is the way forward for young professionals and entrepreneurs as we celebrate the International Youth Day? The COVID-19 crisis is an opportunity for change in our society and this give the young people the opportunity to lead and to shape our future.


  1. Young entrepreneurs should seek ways to revamp their existing business models to adapt to the novel economy and changing needs of their markets


  1. Young professionals should upgrade their skills massively to be employable in the current marketplace driven by remote working and or work from home culture. With businesses and offices being forced to shut down, the economies have come to a halt. The service sector has moved from physical workstations to digital workspaces, thus, increasing the reliance on digital connectivity


  1. Young professionals should effectively master how to synchronize machines, systems and humans (staff) to achieve the desired goals


  1. Young executives and entrepreneurs should master how to create and lead sustainable and flexible workplace strategies. The current and future workplace is not just physical it is now social and digital workplace


  1. Young professionals and entrepreneurs will consistently need a higher degree of adaptability and resilience for sustainable success in career and business.


  1. Young people need to be quick to seize opportunities, speedily improve what needs improving and transform what needs transformation


  1. Young people should invest in Future Literacy skill. According to WEF, “it is time our society takes another step forward to cope with this new challenge, becoming a more “future literate” society. This is the skill that allows people to better imagine and make sense of the future. It’s important because it is images of the future that drive our expectations, disappointments and willingness to invest or change”


Yes, COVID19 drove the business economy to a standstill but the resiliency, ingenuity, commitment, bravery, skillfulness and resourcefulness of young people will reopen a new massive novel economy.

Happy International Youth Day 2020


Javnyuy Joybert

African Youth


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1 Comment

  1. Why African Youths Must Unite in Purpose For Africa; Unity for African by Fonakwo Edward Tawa .

    In this present age and time, with the all rising challenges that the world is faced with, Africa is not left out .

    The problem is, how do we survive and emerge in the mist of all this economic, sociopolitical and the covid19 pandemic shackles that seem to be choking the world?.
    What do we do to fight an invisible enemy while some of us are still busy fighting one another?.
    It is time that we unite as humanity and put every difference we where introduced to and fight head on as a people who want success and good legacy for our next generation.
    African youths all over the world should unite and change the status quo with the new mindset of emerging in every challenge.
    In the mist of these crisis ,I have experienced the most transformative ideas and solutions from African youths across Africa that has made me to come to an understanding that African is endowed not only with natural resources but she has a rich human resource yet to be utilized.

    I have seen new businesses arise and others shutting down ,but what makes the difference between those shutting down and those rising is Called unity in purpose, there is a saying ” United we stand and divided we fall and brake”.
    The African Youths while celebrating the International Youth Day 2020 in the mist of chaos should put this at the front of their mind , that we need to work together if we desire to become the best.
    Entrepreneurs in different industries should unite and work together, knowing that we are fighting one enemy (poverty) who has taken a grip in our continent for so long now. I know without an iota of doubt that this is the generation that will lift Africa to the lamplight in the world of innovation and Technology.
    When ever I read people like Nelson Mandela, Patrick Limumba, J.Rawlings, Shankara I ask myself where is the Africa these champions fought for? , but nonetheless we are here to make those dreams a reality.

    1. We need to build our Africa so that our brothers and sister should not be taking this terrible venture through the Mediterranean that causes our youths to die in their multitude.

    2. We should give to our Africa with everything within us knowing that God sent us to this world through Africa for a purpose , and that purpose to to make it better than we met it.

    3. We should change the mindset of weaknesses and build a mindset of strength because as Africans, we are a strong and vibrant people.

    4. We should build networks that will cause us to support our own before any other in business opportunities, Agricultural ventures, investmental projects ,societal development, skills building ,Mentorship and Coaching of the younger generation.

    5. We should learn to produce first class products because we have the resources and also consume our own product made in Africa by Africans for a better Africa.

    6. It’s time we fund youths with the potentials to develop new technology and hold them to work for our continent by given them scholarships, so that they should stop rushing in to the other continents in search for a greener pasture of which We are the Greenest.

    7. Africa is the next world leader and we should prepare ourselves towards the new normal of the first becoming the last and the last becoming the first based on the time shift and innovations explosion.

    The African youth is a successful person , blessed with best minds and adaptability strength. Let us utilize this opportunity to enhance Africa for Africans.

    Author. Fonakwo Edward Tawa
    I an Intentional about Africa.

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