Is This The Freedom You Strived For?

The addictions after freedom is slavery. You battle day and night with your dead soul for comfort, all in vain.
You enslave yourself to lies, fornication and drugs after the freedom you fight for is granted.
Most people battle for the insightful word known as freedom. Little do they know that the freedom they so desire later enslaves them.
Joining friends to clubs, taking alcohols and the likes and later try to behave like the proverbial ostritch that buries the head in the soil, pretending nothing is happening.
You only endanger yourself the more; you will always feel guilty, hearing your dead soul shout, “have you forgotten what you went out to do with your colleagues”?
You then feel bad, guilty and uncomfortable, thinking you are only a terrible being, whose sins cannot be forgiven. Therefore, running to friends here and there for a solution.
There is one thing you must know; you are the solution to your own troubles.
You only need to forgive yourself first, then, seek for forgiveness from The Lord Jesus Christ afterwards. Then, stop moving with those that do not motivate you to do the right thing.
You can then let Jesus be your mentor to instruct your path and you will never get lost.
Whenever we fight for freedom, we should do so in anticipation to en-light ourselves on the good things of life.

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