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Javnyuy Joybert’s Entrepreneurs Growth Plugs – Episode 9 : Higher Level of Entrepreneurial Optimism 

How can a committed entrepreneur turn difficulties and downfalls into positive attitude and action? The answer is his or her level of optimism.


The journey of entrepreneurship and running a successful business entity can be very difficult, full of obstacles, uncertainty and many more but that one thing that keep many entrepreneurs going forward is their incredible level of optimism.


Optimism is an entrepreneurial asset. Why is it an asset?


– Optimistic entrepreneurs see opportunities and not problems

– Optimistic entrepreneurs work harder

– Optimistic entrepreneurs focus on value creation

– Optimistic entrepreneurs inspire their team members to believe in the future they are building

– Optimistic entrepreneurs are not threatened  by competition because they believe in their uniqueness

– Optimistic entrepreneurs jump out of bed every morning with high hopes to conquer


Optimism is critical for entrepreneurs because they are problem solvers. Why is this critical? Negative emotions diminish the entrepreneur’s brain’s capacity to think broadly and find creative business solutions.


Because new businesses are statistically likely to fail due to many factors, successful entrepreneurs must be willing to accept the risks of starting a new business. The acceptance of risk prove that entrepreneurs are extremely optimistic, when compared to the average person.


Note this fact, being optimistic as an entrepreneur should not stop you from making your business decision with accurate information, carrying out the right research and analysis, developing a great product, having the right systems in place and team, working hard and executing with class. Entrepreneurial optimism without these will only lead to exaggeration and major failure. You cannot let yourself be blinded by your vision so much that you do not recognize potential problems and solve them. You do not want to create hype, and you do not want to fall victim to your own senseless noise.


Being optimistic is an incredible entrepreneurial trait because it affects all key stakeholders who are directly responsible for the success or the failure of your business see you. When starting or building a business, raising capital from investors, selling to customers, recruiting interns and full time employee all of them invest, buy from you or work you because of you first (your brand). The enthusiasm that comes from your optimism is what people are supporting and getting excited about. If it is not there, if you do not show you believe in the business and the potential, then you won’t attract these key stakeholders.


Therefore, as an entrepreneur intentionally practice informed optimism because it is one of your greatest entrepreneurial asset. As Maycotte says, “As an entrepreneur, your deep reserves of positive thinking have to be in place to shrug off the skeptics and naysayers who see all the potential problems and none of the possibilities in your dream”


Optimistic people tend to be more creative in their thinking. Why?

The optimistic people tend to naturally think about what the future will look like which allows optimists to distance themselves from negative constraints and approach positive outcomes, creating innovative ideas in their mind.


How to grow your entrepreneurial optimism

  1. Get over your past failures and look to the future with excitement. Your best days are ahead of you
  2. Be thankful for your life, for your current achievement and how far you have come
  3. Practice positive affirmations. For example, I say this every morning “I am Rare, I am Remarkable”
  4. Surround yourself with positive and future looking people
  5. Have a vision well written down that inspires you daily
  6. Get a role model who challenges you to be more


Let me conclude in her words. “Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

– Helen Keller


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