Kehinde Odanye Nominated for Top African Award


Kehinde Odanye, a young change maker from Nigeria has been nominated for the Future Leader of the Year award at the upcoming Young African Leaders Awards. The award, if won, will be given to him during the Young African Leaders Summit which comes off in Accra, Ghana this November.  Kehinde is competing with other young Africans.

In case you have never heard of Kehinde Odanye, let me tell you about him.

Kehinde Odanye is a Tedx Speaker, an African Presidential leader under the auspices of the Chairman of African Union, a UN SDSN youth global schools advocate, an Award of selfless service recipient from AFAN (from VSO partner organization) and Alumnus of the International Citizen Service program by Voluntary Services Overseas(VSO), a program funded by the UK department for international development. As a youth that believes in accelerating sustainable solutions at even local levels, he’s an award winner and fellow of YALI West Africa (Feb. 2017). He was one of those that planned the Youth blast at the High level political forum convened by the United Nations in New York through the United Nations major group on children and youth (UN MGCY).

He is a passionate advocate for Sustainable Development Goals, especially Quality Education and Global citizenship, he was recently awarded for that by slum education initiative. As a Global Youth Ambassador at A World at School and A Program Director at Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAI) , he has taught over 6000 African children and Youth on Thematic Areas of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) , this was through his believe that integrating sustainable development into education and education into sustainable development is pivotal to achieving a peaceful World by 2030

Aside his volunteering activities for over 4 years, Kehinde has trained over 2000 young Africans on Model United Nations (MUN).
He was the first Nigerian Committee Chairperson at Model United Nations Conferences like International Youth Diplomacy Conference (IYDC-Accra) in 2016, Babcock University International Model United Nations Conference (BUIMUN) in 2017 and as President of General Assembly at Abuja International Model United Nations Conference. He was the pioneer chairperson of UNESCO committee at IFE model United Nations conference by Obafemi Awolowo University.

To vote for Kehinde, click on this LINK

Then scroll to Future Leader of the Year and click on Kehinde Odanye.

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