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King Baudouin African Development Prize 2020


The Prize endeavours to reward innovative initiatives of Africans with a longer term vision and impact proven track record in improving the quality of life. The Selection Committee also pays particular attention to initiatives that stand out as the best  in their field, improve the quality of life of the people they serve and empower people to take development into their own hands.

There are no restrictions as to the chosen themes. The Selection Committee favors positive approaches that deal with actual challenges in Africa.

Nominee qualifications:

  • The candidate must be either an individual or an organisation. The nominee should be an organization which is founded and led by Africans, or Africans who are active in Africa.
  • Several individuals or organisations that are not structurally linked cannot be presented as one single candidacy.
  • If a nominee was not withheld in a previous edition of the Prize,  it may  be nominated again for a next Prize.


The submission of a candidate’s file may only be undertaken by a nominator. The nominator can be any person who knows well  the merits of the individual candidate or the organization which he wants to nominate, but with no further financial or personal interest by  nominating this candidate. For example, the nominator can not be a relative of the person he wishes to nominate, nor a board member or a member of staff of the organization he wishes to nominate.

In the rules of Procedure of the Prize, you will find a list of possible nominators, This list is not exhaustive.

No consideration will be given to nominations of persons or groups applying for the Prize on their own behalf. Likewise a nomination of an organization will be refused if this is submitted by an officer of that organization.

Article 12 of the Rules of procedure


To submit an application, you must complete a brief electronic form. No other way to appoint a candidate is allowed.




If you encounter any problems or technical issues, please contact our contact center: +32 2 500 4555 or

For any other specific question on the Prize, please contact Marijke Goudeseune:



In its selection of a winner, the King Baudouin Foundation’s Board of Governors bases itself on a report drawn up by an independent Selection Committee. To guarantee both a degree of renewal and the required continuity, the composition of the Committee is modified slightly every time the Prize is awarded.

When examining the entries, the Selection Committee also attaches special value to the following questions:

  • Does the candidate have concrete realizations under his belt ?
  • Are they innovative and exemplary ?
  • Are they capable of being duplicated elsewhere on the continent ?
  • Is there a long-term vision ?
  • Is the financial management healthy and transparent ?
  • Are the initiatives embedded at local level ?
  • Do they take into account the gender perspective ?
  • Are the initiatives directed at all actors of society

At the end of two selection phases, three to four finalists will be retained. These finalists will receive the visit of a delegation of the Selection Committee.

Reference dates

Edition 2020-2021

  • Launch of the call for nominations : 27 January 2020
  • End of the call for nominations: 31 march 2020
  • Presentation of the Prize to the winners:  June 2021
  • Winners Tour in Brussels: June 2021
  • Winners Tour in the United States: October 2021




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