Someone asked my grandmum to let me become a cobbler since nothing good will come out from me, Kojo Ellimah Tells his story

Disability is not inability and Richard Kojo Ellimah has proven this to be true. Despite the above advice given to his grandmother who was taking care of him, the trust of his grandmother in little Ellimah being able to prove doubters wrong made her decide to keep on supporting him.

On the 20th Episode of the Wundef Show, Kojo Ellimah narrated how a family member advised his grandmother to let him learn shoemaking since nothing good will come out from him. This happened when little Ellimah had just started schooling at the Queen Egyimah school in Obuasi. Before starting schooling, Kojo Ellimah had suffered from poliomyelitis which paralyzed part of his body. Richard Kojo Ellimah is currently a Journalist, Researcher, Development Consultant and a Communication Specialist.

Through his NGO, Centre for Social Impact Studies (CeSIS), he has fought for the vulnerable in the community against powerful companies, groups and individuals. In this interview, he shares his humble beginnings and his rise to the nobleman he is today.

Watch his interview on the Wundef Show.

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