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Learn to pivot, to survive (Part 3) – Let’s get practical, now!


So far no one has asked me yet exactly what I mean by the word “pivot” in the title of this series. You might think you know, and you may, but let’s get practical now. Pivoting takes preparation. To pivot is not simply to jump into the #Digital Age without proper research, learning and very often, upskilling. If you rush too fast to “leap before you look,” you could end up wasting money and time.

One of the first things in pivoting, is making sure that you and your team have the digital skills and knowledge you need. A few weeks ago I mentioned an excellent online learning program designed by Google where you can learn digital skills for free. It is called Google Digital Garage. Some of my daughter’s team members took a few of the Digital Garage online courses and said they were excellent.

This Christmas season I want you to try to take a few online courses, if you can. Here’s a link to one on Digital Marketing but there are many more: https://learndigital.withgoogle.com/…/cou…/digital-marketing

Afterwards I want you to share your story on how you have used some of the skills and strategies you’ve learned from the course(s). You can also check out and study on the Muzinda Hub and 21CSkills online learning programs that I’ve mentioned here before. There is no time like the present.

Today I want to share a special #ShoutOut to a student and techpreneur who wrote me here a few weeks ago. I was really impressed and want to hear more such inspiring stories from you on this page.

Justine Lim Peterson (Justine Peterson Mahinyila) from Tanzania wrote (edited),

“So this week I graduated from two Google scholarship programs; one is the Grow with Google Africa scholarship, an 100% remote software development program where with other 30,000+ fellow Africans we learn Technology for six months; the other is the Google Africa digital marketing skills program where i have learned a number of skills from digital marketing to e-commerce and now i am consulting a number of small business including my local pastor on how they can go global.

All these i have done for free. I am grateful to you sir Masiyiwa for inspiring the Entrepreneurship spirit in me, Google, Andela and Pluralsight for the scholarship, also to my Tanzanian Government for providing free speed internet throughout the programs to date. Asenteni Sana.”

This is great! Congratulations to this computer engineer and software developer (pictured, standing) for his hard work and visionary commitment to prosper in the #Digital Age (and to help others do so, too). Make no mistake – this young techpreneur is already building Africa’s century!

Let me hear from others of you, especially after you take some of the courses I’ve mentioned. I have said this before and will also mention again now (because you may have a little more time in the next few weeks)… Please listen and learn from some of these amazing Podcasts series for entrepreneurs:

# Business Wars: https://wondery.com/shows/business-wars/

# Masters of Scale: https://mastersofscale.com/

# How I Built This: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510313/how-i-built-this

Not all the shows will be relevant to you and where your business is today, but which ones did you like most and why? What other entrepreneurship podcasts have you listened to that you want to recommend to me and the platform? Let’s try to make a top #10 list here of important podcasts for young entrepreneurs. There’s so many to choose from and no time to waste.

Finally, it’s almost the New Year. Which accomplishments of yours are you most proud of in 2019?


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