LP Gas Safety

Below are emergency actions that must be taken when you smell LPG or suspect leakage.

1. Check and see if the gas has been left on. If safe to do so, turn off regulator knob and the main supply valve.

2. Open doors and windows to increase ventilation and get rid of the gas.

3. Put out all naked or open flames e.g. coal pots, cigarettes, candles, kerosene lamps, etc.

4. Eliminate all possible sources of ignition:

a. Don’t smoke or strike any matches.

b. Don’t use a telephone or cell phone in the immediate vicinity of the odour.

c. Do not turn electrical switches ON or OFF.

d. Don’t use any electrical equipment or lights that might create a spark.

e. Don’t adjust thermostats or other electrical appliance controls such as fans.

f. Don’t use the electric doorbell.

5. If the leakage is from the valve or regulator, fix back the safety cap and take the cylinder into open space.

6. In case the leakage is from the body of the cylinder, take the cylinder into open area and vent it under controlled conditions.

7. If you notice a fire, call your local fire service.

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