Black Woman CEO Launches App to Give Writers an Exclusive Social Platform

Meet Lynette Edwards, who has developed a mobile app called Writers Rock™ that provides a direct platform for writers, bloggers, editors, illustrators, storytellers, book clubs, and more while providing resources and information from all across the United States. The app has multiple chat rooms, monthly contests, allows each user to create their own profile, and offers a list of events upcoming in each state. The app is currently available for download in the iTunes App Store and will be launching on Google Play this summer.
Lynette is the CEO of a Certified Small and Emerging Business. In addition, she is an accomplished author who has published multiple books in four different genres (inspiration, urban fiction, self-help, children), and she has an upcoming motivational adult coloring book.

Lynette first made national coverage after writing her book Take Off the Mask, a book that encourages people to embrace their own identity and freely live a life without fear of rejection. She later wrote the One Night Only book series, which was listed on Amazon’s top 5 list. The book series targeted single Christian women in an effort to show them that though their path may be lonely at times, it is far better to walk with God than to run towards man. The book tackled Christianity, singleness, celibacy, bad relationships, mental health, and life choices.

A year later Lynette wrote Birdie’s Way, a children’s book about a child with mental illness, the book was written to address the impacts mental health has on children. Lynette’s latest book release is Ready.Set.Succeed., an empowerment interactive journal filled with almost 200 pages of motivation, affirmations, and positive tips to help you on your journey in life.

She is the instructor and founder of ‘Ready.Set.Succeed.’, an online academy that offers mini-courses to help entrepreneurs on their journey.

In addition, Lynette manages an online store called Unstoppable Lyn, which was inspired by her self help journal ‘Unstoppable’ and offers custom t-shirts, apparel, and journals.

Lynette has made several guest appearances through the years from Lifetime TV and iHeart Radio to Upwords International magazine and the ‘Secrets of a Woman’ stage play in South Carolina. Regardless if it’s serving as an Executive producer of a stage play, traveling on multiple-state book tours, or moderating for a group of over 350,000 women, Lynette continues to spread motivation and remind others to always be led by your dreams and awaken by your passion.

Download Writers Rock™ mobile app today from the App store.

For press inquiries, contact unstoppablebylyn@gmail.com or visit www.unstoppablebylyn.com

For press inquiries, contact lynette.edwards2010@gmail.com or (337) 936-7437



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