AgricultureMarket Opportunities for Snail Farming in Ghana

Market Opportunities for Snail Farming in Ghana


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Market Opportunities for Snail Farming in Ghana

Over the years, I have heard from few experts who espoused that snail farming is the new Gold of Ghana.

I never believe this statement until I undertook a thorough research on the viability of snail farming.

Today, my doubt is over as I came to the realization that snail farming is *highly rewarding* and there is *huge super normal profit* to make from it.

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Comparably to other protein source of meat like poultry and others; snail meat has 20.7% protein and 1.21% fat which is far nutritious.

Surprisedly, snails are Hermaprodite. Thus, one snail has both organs (male and female), so it can self fertilize without the help of a male.

The market for snail meat is insatiable as I write. This should serve as one of the motivation factors to tap into this sector.

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One key thing to note is that, with snail farming; it takes patience and commitment to achieve exponential reward.

Heliculture as its technical name, has the potential to reduce poverty, increase jobs, and boost the economy.


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Is that not ridiculous? BUT, that’s the reality. With Achatina Achatina (Nwapa as locally called in Twi) can reproduce as much.


Let’s assume you are starting with just 50 breeding stocks.

This calculation will be base on the number of snails you should be expecting base on estimation.

Let’s assume 80% of the 50 snails will lay eggs. That means you will have 40 snails laying eggs in the first season.

➡ A snail can lay eggs from 300-500. Let’s pick the average figure here; so, 300 × 40 = 12,000. This means you have 12,000 new eggs out of just 40 snails. Wow wow.

➡ let assume only 80% of the 12,000 eggs will hatch. So, in calculation, you will have 9,600 hatched eggs (or new borns).

➡ lets assume again that only 80% of the 9,600 new borns will reach maturity. This means we will have 7,680 snails reaching maturity. OMG! This is ridiculous.

➡ Now, your total snails should be 7,680 + 40 (initial breeding stocks) = 7,730

☑ Note that out of 50 snails you started with, you will be having 7,730 at the end of the first season.


By: Vozbeth K. Azumah|| Director || Master Minds Consultancy || I provide Consultancy services in areas of CSOs Establishment, Management, and Sustainability, Mastering Proposal writings, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development.||
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