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Market Opportunities For Snail Farming (Part 2)

I appreciate the fact that after many people have read my earlier article on “Viability of Snail Farming“, they have requested that I write on the marketing for snail farming as well.

Today, your curiosity is not over yet because after reading this article, you will be “thirsty” and even be yearning for more.

I won’t bother you with so many literature and jargons. I mean business here so I need to speak money and try to tell you the marketing reality on the ground.

To cut everything short, there is huge huge demand for snail meat and the few who are in this business cannot meet demands.

Take a look at these marketing opportunities that exist and I have gathered so far ( more is coming). I expect you to conclude after reading whether we have market for snail meat or not.

✅ I have traveled on Ho-Accra road for almost 10 years plus now; on reaching Atimpoku, group of sellers quickly rash towards our car! Have you seen that before ? This happens on other roads as well.

Among the group/traders are snail meat sellers made in a form of kebab.

I know you seen this before! Have you seen people buying it? To my surprise the meat cost 2.00 and 5 Ghana cedis. When you count, the one with 2.00 is having about 2-3 small snails on the stick and the 5.00 has about 4-5 snails on it depending on size.

Do you see how expensive snail meat is? I will say it is a meat for the rich rich rich men and women.

✅ I interviewed the snail meat sellers on how they get their snail: the answer was that they have to travel far to central, Eastern and sometimes have to import form neighboring countries ( Ghana diaaaa, we import everything ooh! Hahahaha). According to one of them, “It is very very difficult to get the snail, so we hope to get a constant supplier so we can stay in business for long”.

Have you listen to what she is saying? Are you still doubting we don’t have market for snail meat? Then why will traders be in business for almost 10 years now without quitting? Wont you join the billion dollar business?

☑️ My mum was going to the Ho market and I respectfully asked her to enquire about the prize of snail for me….. Upon her return, she said she saw 5-6 big sized Achatina Achatina snails going for 15-20 cedis. Do you here? She went to the Kpetoe market and saw a basket of snail very very small in size going for 35.00! OMG – are you hearing all these?

✅ Do you know a parent stock is going for 5.00 – 6.00 cedis per one ? Have you seen how expensive snail is?

✅ after my first article, I received several text messages from over 100 prospective or intending farmers who want to go into snail farming.

🔜 Assuming 80% of the 100 ( which will be 80 people) want to start and each person want to start with 50 snails.

➡️ A parent stock cost 5-6 cedis depending on size.

Lets do the calculation here, 6× 50 snails = 300. This means that each person will need 300.00 as start up cost for the 50 snails.

➡️ So, 300 × 80 people = 24,000.00

☑️ Do you see the whooping 24,000 a farmer could make by selling only 4000 parent stock snails to these intending farmers?

As I write this article, I don’t have many snail farmers that I can connect these intending farmers to.

Do you know, you (snail farmer) and I can be in business if I connect these intending farmers to you ? Think about that. Just pay me small discount.

✅ after my first article, I received a call from a company who wanted me to supply them my parent stocks. Like seriously! I have only few parent stocks left of which I don’t want to sell them for now.

👉 Do you know you can sell your snail to hotels, restaurant, food joints, individual consumers and well-packaged ones can be sold to malls.

If you read up to this point and you are till doubting we don’t have market for snails, then I advice you not to go into snail farming. Leave it for those who believe and know.

Let me also put this across that I have received a request to for me establish a data base to register snail farmers, where they will be charge for a discount for me linking/connecting intending farmers to them and also other customers.

I will be considering this request in the coming weeks. You can contact me for any suggestion you want to make on this.

Now you have read the two articles on Viability of snail farming and market opportunities, my next one will be on “Things to consider when starting snail farming. Watch out.

➡️ If you have not read the first article, you can request for it.

By: Vozbeth K. Azumah|| Director || Master Minds Consultancy || I provide Consultancy services in areas of CSOs Establishment, Management, and Sustainability, Mastering Proposal writings, Entrepreneurship and Agribusiness Development.||

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