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Meet Jules Abrokwah, the young CEO of Jules Entreprises


Meet Jules Abrokwah, the young CEO of Jules Entreprises


Today, I caught up with Jules Kwaku Abrokwah, the CEO of Jules Enterprise. He is into everything business and I believe his story will motivate you to do more. He is resilient and open to new opportunities so on Game Changers today, I decided to interview him. Enjoy this story of his life.

Personal profile

Jules Kwaku Abrokwah is my name, I did my basic studies at the Royal Preparatory School in Accra and proceeded to the Presbyterian Senior Secondary, Osu also in Accra where I had my secondary education somewhere between 2000 and 2002. I then went to the Sunyani Polytechnic to have my tertiary education in Marketing. National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), Sunyani B/A was where I was posted to do my national service after school between June 2010 to October 2011. It was within these times of national service I started a business in graphic designing. I did this until 2012 where I had an appointment to work in one of the Rural Banks in Obuasi, Ghana. However, this engagement didn’t stop me from pursuing my passion in working with my own hands. I therefore took the courage to acquire additional skills in soft drink making, yoghurt making, making of liquid soap and other cleaning detergents, bathing gel, body splash  and the making of watches and USB Flash drives.

How He began

 First of all without the desire to actually do something, you can never  begin and that’s the most scariest part of a business, “the beginning”. You certainly need to be bold to make your first step and that will lead to a few more steps and then you begin running! Jules Enterprises I would say have not come a long way yet but right from its set up there’s been a lot of resistance. There were times it  got a bit interestingly disappointing because you would have prepared the soap with a variety of colours and yet the individual client looks through and selects a colour which would not be readily available and more would request if you had a different shape of container. What’s more you know in Ghana everyone has one household name for different brands and product so they see your liquid soap and they ask, ”is it like Sunlight?” then suggestions begin to flow in to be like the others. This notable scenario cuts across all the products but the most important thing I realized was that they are those I’m serving and not myself therefore, I take that as a channel of improvement. Currently, accessibility to the chemicals for production of the liquid soap is a bit of a worry where we have to travel to Kumasi in order to get it. My success, I would say have been moving from individual clients who come to buy to distribution to a few retail shops.

 There is an influx of liquid detergents currently on the market and it has being a fast moving consuming good (FMCG),  used in a lot of households, eating places, hotels and other places. It’s in high demand. The watches, the flash drives and the On-The-Go (OTG) devices however have a specific segment of the young ones and the tech inclined which also has a substantial patronage.

Plans for the future

I hope to see Jules Enterprises become fully mechanized with its needed production machinery that employs more than a thousand staff and also rise to the level of becoming a household company where our products can be found in every corner of the globe and when you decide to clean either your body or home it’s our  range and when you think of a colorful fashion in watches it’s the Jules Watches.

Currently, I’m seeking for more retail clients who purchase in bulk quantities. This will mean more production, more hands and more sales. A mini liquid soap making machine and the watch dial pad printing machine are my targets for now.

Message for other young people

I always say that nothing great has ever been achieved except by those who dared to believe that something in them was superior to their circumstances. Just put in the work now and you’ll forever live like a champion. Put a positive mind to that work and let whoever think whatever and you’ll keep getting better!


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