Meet Prince Adalevo, the Strong Ghanaian Prison Officer Promoting Physical Fitness (Photos/Videos)

Going to the gym often remains a “to do list” for many of us. Of course everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle and be in shape but how can we keep up in this fast-paced world? A full time job, a family that needs our attention, other duties that we cannot say no to and so on.

Meet Prince Adalevo, a Prison Officer at the Bawku Local Prison since 2017. He is also part of their SWAT Team. For him, keeping fit in his line of work is very essential since they are likely to end up being the ones who stand between some forms of danger whenever crisis or riots occur.

Prince Adalevo
Prince Adalevo

A Prison officer is an employee who performs a public service of high risk and importance of safeguarding the civil society. The duties of a Prison Officer includes escort, discipline and security of prisoners; search and screening of entry and exit of people and vehicles in prisons, verification and search of inmates. . Such activities may involve risk to the physical and mental integrity of the worker although the law requires that servers work under proper health conditions when developing their functional activities.

“Being physically fit in the security service can provide high levels of safety to people. It is pointless to have security personnel who won’t be able to respond to actual threats”, he said.

The officer who is very keen with his workouts says fitness for him is like a Pastor and his spirituality, you cannot take one without the other, they come hand in hand to create a complete package. Just as a Pastors’ spiritual health matters to the church so does he being fit as a Prison officer matter to him, his inmates, their families, the Government and the Prison board.

Prince makes time out of his schedule to work out by doing constant training to ensure he’s strong capable and alert in all situations. Here are some videos of him engaging in vigorous exercises.


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