Meet Silas Adekunle, the Entrepreneur Who Raised $7 Million For His Robots — and Just Signed a Major Deal With Apple!

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Silas Adekunle is the CEO and founder of Reach Robotics, a very innovative company that uses robots to intertwine gaming with education for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). He has raised more than $7 million to fund his invention, and just recently he signed a major deal to sell his gaming robots in all 360+ Apple stores around the world.

Who is this guy and what exactly did he create?

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Silas, a son of Nigerian immigrants, was born and raised in Bristol, UK. He studied robotics at University of the West of England where he graduated with first class honors. He then started his company from his love of creating and sharing robotics with people both young and old.

His company’s first product is called MekaMon, a four-legged robot that retails for $299.99 USD. It’s a gaming robot, designed for real life Mek vs Mek battle as well as augmented reality warfare. They are real battling robots pairing robotics and augmented reality, all controlled via a smartphone app.

It’s all fun and games, but it’s also a very effective educational tool.

Why its such a big deal

Not only is it the first ever gaming robot of its type, its also the first to ever be sold by Apple.

Silas comments, “As the world’s first premium gaming robot, MekaMon fits neatly into the emerging category of mobile augmented reality products. By fusing robotics, reality-bending technology and competitive play, we’re offering players a new twist on hardware and video games – a premium robotics product that’s easy to play but very difficult to master.”

With fellow co-founders John Rees serving as COO of the company and Chris Beck serving as CTO, Silas and his team have been credited with providing a very essential tool for future robotics and STEM education.

For more details about Reach Robotics and/or to purchase a MekaMon, visit and

Watch the video below to see how the robot works:



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