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Meet the 26-Year Old Marketing Expert Making Six Figures a Year With Social Media Ads


Meet the 26-Year Old Marketing Expert Making Six Figures a Year With Social Media Ads


Junior Serrano, founder of Jet Set Profits, is only 26-years old and got his start in internet marketing just a few years ago. But he’s already making six figures a year, and travels all over the world to help others learn how to make money from Facebook and Instagram ads.

Getting started

Junior says he started in 2012 with a meme page on Facebook that would get hundreds of thousands of views. He comments, “Eventually I was approached by an internet marketer to promote for a company for a commission. I remember being at my 9 to 5 job during lunch break, and I checked my phone to find out that I had made more money than two days of my salary. I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Taking things to the next level

In 2015, Junior created his first original product, a 6-hour online training course on CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing. It was so successful that he made over $100K, and started traveling the world to teach his techniques to people in other countries.

He comments, “One of my students who purchased my training course ended up paying $12 for an ad that generated him over $20,000 in 72 hours. Obviously it’s not always that easy, but I’m still proud of this to this day.”

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“I’ve had many ads that have hit millions of views and are making me passive income until today,” he adds.

For more details about Junior Serrano and/or to sign up for his 2-hour course on how to make money with social media ads, visit his web site at IGMarketingCourse.com

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