Meet the Entrepreneur Partnering With Hospitals Across the US to Help Motivate Their Nurses

Meet Rasheda Hatchett, a registered nurse, author, speaker, and resilience expert that educates and empowers thousands of nurses from across the country. Her company, Rasheda Hatchett Media, LLC, helps high-achieving healthcare leaders optimize their teams’ reach and productivity through the lens of resilience.

During the pandemic, healthcare workers are fighting a lethal virus with acute shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the devastation of loss of life, not only that of the patients they serve but their fellow healthcare workers as well, and the rapidly changing work environment. These unprecedented circumstances have amplified the sources of emotional distress and worker burnout.

Rasheda’s resilience education is an essential strategy for an organization to flourish in today’s dynamic world to overcome the perils this pandemic has caused. Resilience contributes to nurses’ readiness to lead, provide excellent care for their patients, and practice self-care. She focuses on the opportunities offered by resilience-enhancing interventions to better prepare nurses for professional practice. Through her coaching, she is focused on building resilience in the nursing workforce to overcome burnout and stress.

Nurse burnout is an all-too-common occurrence defined by a decrease in nurses’ energy, which appears as physical, emotional, and behavioral distress, a loss of enthusiasm, and emotions of overwhelm, resulting in decreased job efficacy, high patient safety risk, and turnover. With the workload in the nursing profession is at an all-time high, it is vital to understand the working situation and introduce interventions to mitigate the adverse effects of such an increased workload. There is a need to uncover support strategies for developing resilience among nurses to strengthen their professional practice.

She believes that it’s incredible how much strength exists in human nature. She is dedicated to coaching passionate and devoted leaders committed to advancing through decisive leadership, passion, and purpose. She offers client-centered coaching to help them confidently put vision into action that develops resilient leadership skills that drive potent results.

Rasheda is the owner and CEO of Rasheda Hatchett Media, LLC, a coaching and consulting firm steeped in her passion for wellness. She created “The Power of Organizational Resilience,” an educational series designed to guide organizations through a true culture shift with resilience-based leadership as the driving force. She is a talented speaker who has graced the stage of a major university, served as a breakout speaker for conferences, and trains on an array of topics ranging from burnout prevention to building a culture of resilience. Her resilience education and strategies aid in the reduction of burnout and work to retain talented team members.

Rasheda is a Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach, Certified National Wellness Institute Resilience and Thriving facilitator, registered nurse, and educator with a passion for nurse wellness. She specializes in resilience-based leadership, helping people discover their bounce-back blueprint to thrive in the face of adversity. Through her education, she has empowered and motivated nurses and nursing students at the University of Washington, Kaiser Permanente, The National Black Nurses Association, and The Nurse Entrepreneur Society to minimize nurses’ feelings of burnout, lower turnover rates, and enhance nursing care quality.

For more information, visit RashedaHatchettMedia.com

For press inquiries, contact Rasheda Hatchett Media LLC or Assistant@RashedaHatchettMedia.com or 206-736-0826.

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