Meet the Woman Creating the Most Powerful Executive Personal Brands For Women in Corporate America and Beyond


From near homelessness to running a premium brand consultancy, Deandra Coleman, a former c-suite Black executive, has mastered the power of brand elevation. And she’s disrupting the careers of America’s top leading executive women inside her new program, The Double Comma Woman Experience. It’s the most connected, luxurious way to advance your executive personal brand into thought leadership and the only network of its kind.

Women wondering what’s beyond the c-suite will chart a complementary career path to brand elevation, authorship, industry leadership, and community impact—all with a touch of luxury and femininity. According to Deandra, “Your senior-level executive position is not the pinnacle. It’s only the beginning!”

By invitation-only, The Double Comma Woman Experience vets the most prominent, ambitious, and next-level changemakers into a cohort of 50 executives. They seek women who want to be on the precipice of innovation, inclusion, and impact, especially women of color. “This is the year of the Black woman. It’s time we tell our stories the way we need them heard. If we don’t, someone else will. That can no longer happen,” says Deandra.

While Deandra’s broader mission is to close the racial, gender, and wealth gaps that pervade the c-suite roster, she also hopes to empower women to take charge of their brand, shape their narrative, and avoid leaving it all to chance. Coleman believes, “Historically, men are the ones who are shaping the portrayal of executive women. They are telling our stories and doing us a disservice. That ends now. We define who we are.”

This fully immersive, year-long experience assembles women on the front lines of corporate innovation. The days of stiff and rigid business administration are gone. Black women are not only shattering glass ceilings but are now using their influence, feminine values, and resolution to take an active role in the future of executive leadership. In addition to receiving the proprietary 6Z Brand Elevation Curator, this executive sisterhood will participate in two all-inclusive luxury destination immersion experiences. Members will escape the hustle and join their cohort sisters for work, luxe, and play.

Women who reach the c-suite typically waver between a choice to force satisfaction in their careers and a natural impulse to ‘do more’ and ‘want more.’ This opportunity permits powerful women to rise higher and elevate into next-level career advancement with a cohort of hand-selected execs to support them. “Privacy is of utmost importance to us. We require each member to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to protect the program and its members.” Deandra says, “Each member must feel safe to share her vision, ideas, and challenges without fear of external damage.”

In business, your reputation often precedes you. At Beyond The C-Suite, they don’t leave a woman’s executive brand to chance. Instead, they are proactive, strategic, and visionary. The Double Comma Woman Experience is paving the way for our next generation of high-level women executives while encouraging current c-suite power players to invest in their brand elevation.

About Beyond The C-Suite
Beyond The C-Suite is a full-service brand strategy and development agency helping executive women build reputable personal brands and executive lifestyles with ease and expertise that translates into in-demand professional success. They are on a mission to propel each woman we encounter to a higher level of business, career, and multi-million dollar success. They create impact, influence, and a lasting brand legacy built on values, intelligence, and hard work, not just a pretty face. Learn more at BeyondTheCSuite.co and TheDCWExperience.com

About Deandra Coleman
Deandra Coleman is an award-winning personal brand elevation strategist for executive women, teaching high-level brand elevation practices for what’s beyond the c-suite, and host of The Double Comma Woman Podcast. She is a mother, dog mom, and music lover on a personal mission to normalize luxury, rest, autonomy, authenticity, and freedom in work and lifestyle.

For press inquiries, contact Deandra Coleman at deandra@beyondthecsuite.co or 443-584-5842.

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