Thursday, November 30, 2023

Meet Vicky Otoo, The Ghanaian Author Assisting Children to Read at least One Chapter of a Book a day.


When the Coronavirus pandemic hit the country in March, 2020, schools closed down in Ghana and kids were home with nothing to do. That was when Vicky Otoo came up with the idea of assisting children to read at least one chapter of a book a day. A Chapter A Day Foundation was born!

“When the coronavirus caused the closure of schools in Ghana, I and a group of teachers came together to help children so they don’t stay home idle by encouraging them to read at least a chapter of a book a day” Vicky Otoo told

Vicky Otoo and her team would find books and give out to the students to read a chapter each day. The team will discuss with them the chapter they read the following day.

Vicky Otoo initially started her project with the kids in her neighbourhood. The project has currently being initiated in other parts of the country.

Vicky Otoo, who is also an author, publishes and distributes her own books for free to the kids in her foundation. She has been invited many times by community leaders across the country to carry out her initiative in their communities.

“It’s about bringing forth a reading generation. Inculcating reading in children and extending helping hand to deprived children by providing them with books and educational materials” Vicky Otoo revealed.

Recently, Vicky was involved in an accident whiles travelling to a community to assist their children in reading.

A major challenge currently faced by A Chapter A Day Foundation is that of finances. The organization needs money to enable them carry out their initiative in very remote areas and distant places from Accra, where the organization is headquartered. Books and educational items to help the children read and learn are also a necessity which the organization needs more of.

Despite the challenges faced, Vicky still has high expectations for the young Foundation.

“We want to be able to influence reading in the country, by organising and having reading clubs over the country” she said.

To support the foundation, you can contact Vicky Otoo on 0548505137 or via email

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