Mobile Telephony reviewers rate Huawei Y9s higher than Samsung A50

Mobile Telephony reviewers have rated the Huawei Y9s higher than Samsung A50 mobile devices due to Huawei constant innovation and it superior technology application.

A statement copied to the Ghana News Agency said the review conducted by Rick Aqua, a smartphone enthusiast and reviewer, noted that the Huawei Y9s pulled a Geekbench, an internationally recognized review mechanism score of 319 single-core and 1273 multi-core score, against Samsung A50’s 344 single-core and 1177 multi-core score.

It said the GeekBench score takes into consideration processor benchmarking program and how long the processor takes to complete a task.

According to the statement the review, both the Huawei Y9s and the Samsung A50 had similar patterns, but the Y9s feels more premium and slightly heavier, weighing 206g against the 166g of the A50.

The statement said the Huawei Y9s offers a 6.59 inch ultra-wide full view as against the A50’s 6.4 and when the skin-to-body ratio was calculated, it said the Huawei device had more room and space for user’s hands to navigate the width of its screen better than the A50. Huawei Y9s has 91% skin-to-body ratio compared to 84 per cent skin-to-body ratio of the A50.

“Huawei Y9s processes and opens faster than the Samsung A50 and it feels more sensitive, especially with its super-fast biometric fingerprint sensor,” it said.

“The Y9s has 4000MAH battery, with 128 GB storage and 6GB RAM while A50 has 4000MAH, 128 GB and 4GB RAM. The A50’s lower RAM must be responsible for its slower pace in opening apps and responding to touch”.

In terms of price, performance and everyday usage, the statement said the Huawei Y9s beats the Samsung A50.

“The A50 sells for GHS1649 while the Y9s sells for GHS1499, offering better value for money,” it said.


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