Mom Launches Vegan Nail Polish Line and Makes Her 4-Year Old Daughter Co-CEO

Jasmine Phinex, a mother and entrepreneur, founded Serenity Nail Polish with her husband James and 4-year old daughter Serenity last year. Since then, they have created one of the fastest-growing lines of vegan non-toxic nail polish products that are safe for children.

The idea of putting up a new business came in an unexpected way last year during the pandemic. The mother and daughter had been spending more time together at home doing things that Serenity enjoys such as getting her nails painted.

One day, Serenity wanted to buy new nail polish for herself after running out. When her mom asked her where should they buy it from, she confidently answered, “Let’s go to Serenity Nail Polish store.” It was then that her mom realized that it was time to launch their own brand and name it just that.

Serenity Nail Polish, with young Serenity as the Co-CEO, offers high-quality vegan nail polish that is made with harmless chemicals safe even if ingested by children. The nail polishes are waterproof and scentless, making them more suitable for children to apply themselves.

The brand currently offers different collections and colors of nail polish as well as nail art designs. They aim to create more priceless moments with loved ones while at the same time promoting creativity, confidence, and self-expression through painting and designing nails.

For more information about Serenity Nail Polish and/or to order online, visit SerenityNailPolish.com



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