Thursday, November 30, 2023

Son Continues Mum’s Chips Business, Names it Mummy’s Chips


When Agartha Mills could no longer work due to her age a decade ago, she started frying and selling plantain chips to help provide for her family. Fast forward to 2021, her son, Francis Baidoo Jnr has packaged her mum’s dream into what it is today, Mummy’s Chips.

“My mum who couldn’t continue her trade because of her age …started (the business) in order to support her children” Francis revealed. Francis Baidoo Jnr is a Data Analyst and Researcher and he is running the business with her sister, Ruth Baidoo.


Mummy’s Chips is made from fresh plantain, vegetable oil, salt and fresh groundnut. The product is rich in Vitamins A, B6, C and Potassium. Mummy’s Chips is packaged by Hetgor Consult.

Francis Baidoo Jnr hopes to push the business to become the number one Snack company in Ghana.

They are currently located at Abeka, Accra, Ghana. Call them to make orders on +233594520866

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