Poll Reveals Insights About Women Succeeding in Corporate Africa

As part of its virtual summit on Women Leading Corporate Africa, Africa.com took a poll among its over 1,000 senior c-suite executive registrants.

The poll asked two key questions about women in corporate Africa. The first question was, “Compared to the rest of the world, climbing the corporate ladder for women in Africa is: a) the same, b) harder, or c) easier. 84% indicated that it is harder.

The second question was, “For black women climbing the ladder in Corporate Africa (including global corporate operating in Africa), which is a bigger barrier to success: a) being a woman or b) being black. 76% responded that being a woman is harder.

These issues were discussed by Harvard Business School professor, Tony Mayo, who shared the findings from his research about black women executives. In addition, a panel of four women from the Africa.com Definitive List of Women CEOs discussed their experiences as black women executives in Africa. 
Africa.com managing director Laura Joseph said, “The richness of the conversation on this topic came from Harvard’s rigorous research on this topic, the live poll showed the views of the large audience, and the honesty and vulnerability of the women executives on the panel who spoke candidly.”
To view the on-demand video of the discussions, click here. (https://virtualeventcenter.africa.com/on-demand/)

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