Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs: Portia Billa, a Northern girl Breaks through challenges to run 3 business

Portia Billa began her entrepreneurial journey at university, coming from a modest family and eager to change the trajectory of her life. She hopes that she will have a good influence on others.

Her inspirational story derives from the fact that she saved her allowance to start a business with 300 GHC from national service.

During her national service, she ventured into the sale of smocks and northern fabrics. Her clients were mainly friends and people from her company with whom she worked.

She reinvested her profits back into the firm, which expanded the company’s assets. With the awareness of an enormous number of unemployed graduates in the region, Portia took her company seriously.

In her Smock / Northern fabric company, social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have expanded the scope of her clients. She started having clients overseas as a result. This made her more focused on the organization and professionalism.

In 2018, She had an idea to share the rich culture of Northern Ghana with people in the southern part of Ghana and the rest of the world. She shared her business idea with her mentor who gave her guidance and came out with the name Northern Experience. She registered Northern Experience in 2018 and made Billa’s Smock a subsidiary of it.

Currently, Northern Experience Enterprise deals in both food and fashion products from Northern Ghana. For food products, she produces Baobab fruit powder, Pure Honey, Groundnut Paste, Shea butter and sells Smocked Guinea fowl and others.

Her products are certified by the Food and Drugs Authority.

In 2019, She started a courier and delivery business known as Billa’s Delivery service. Currently, Billa’s Delivery employs 3 people operating motorcycles.

Portia currently runs 3 businesses.



Author: Eric Appiah

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