Overcoming 4 Obstacles To a Positive Attitude

There are four obstacles that stands in the way of a positive attitude. They are fear, worry, anger, and doubt. Whenever things don’t work out in the way we had anticipated, our immediate response is to become fearful.

We as people struggle with fear of loss. We are afraid that we will lose our money, or waste too much of our effort on something. We’re so fearful that we will forfeit our emotional and sometimes our physical investment in what we have done. The fear of loss. Personal development teaches us that we will get what think about the most, at this point we are now thinking about our potential losses  rather than putting our focus on our potential gains.

This is how fear operates. Fear will trigger worry to where we begin to use our imagination to create all sorts of negative pictures, causing much unhappiness which make us unable to perform effectively.

Fear and worry create anger. So instead of moving in a forward direction of our dreams, we respond, react and begin to play the blame game. We blame others as well as circumstances for our problems or challenges at hand.

All of these negative emotions now become fertile ground for doubt. In order to eliminate these negative obstacles and move to positive thinking, it is essential that the emotion of doubt is weaken.

How in the world does one do that, you may ask?

This may shock you, but the only antidote for the emotions of fear, worry, and doubt is to take positive actions toward the achievement of some worthwhile goal. We must focus our minds and concentrate on one thing at a time.

Successful people are always consciously choosing to think about what they want rather than the things they don’t want. This means successful people are repeatedly taking action towards achieving their goals, and not thinking or worrying about the obstacles that are sure to face them.

To ensure that you become successful at whatever it is you are striving for, you must first overcome the four negative obstacles of fear, worry, anger, and doubt that tend to stand in the way to maintaining a positive attitude. Concentrate on remembering pass successes, stay focus and keep that winning attitude.

by Rena Williams

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