Power Up With This Black-Owned Brand of Rechargeable Batteries

Black-owned Tubman Rechargeable Batteries

In addition to Black-owned toilet tissue and laundry detergent brands, we now have a Black-owned rechargeable battery product. It’s called Tubman, and the brand offers highly efficient 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries and chargers with double the capacity of Energizer’s best battery product on the market.
Currently only available as AA batteries, the product promises to be a dependable brand that customers can count on no matter the journey or situation. Like all rechargable batteries, the product helps to reduce our global carbon footprint.

The founders say they chose the name Tubman Battery after Harriet Tubman, an American pioneer who fought for the freedom of enslaved Africans. Tubman traveled multiple times from the North to the South to help free enslaved Africans. In all of her journeys, she never lost a single passenger. “As far as we are concerned, no one has more energy than Tubman,” the web site says.

The packaging even features a famous quote by Tubman herself, “We can’t stop now.”

The founders also say that their goal is to utilize their proceeds to help with the much needed research for energy efficiency. They join a whole community of other Black entrepreneurs that continue to make history with technologically innovative products.

For more details and/or to purchase the batteries, visit https://tubmanbattery.com or follow the brand on Instagram at @TubmanBattery


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