Qulead Partners with Tulip Industries LTD in Guinea to bring COVID-19 Symptoms Scanners to Ghana

Qulead Transport Management and Investment Co. LTD has entered into a landmark partnership with Tulip industries LTD in Guinea to introduce the COVID-19 symptoms scanner and other healthcare technologies to aid in research in Ghana.

According to Mountaga Keita, inventor and founder of Tulip Industries Ltd, the Globalization of the world economies, with mass traffics and trades, make it easy for pandemic outbreaks to reach a global scale, in matters of hours and days. Hence, it becomes a priority for Governments to be self-reliant and battle ready to contain and dodge those pandemic outbreaks within their borders. And that is where Tulip Industries LTD comes in.

Speaking to the CEO of Qulead Transport Management and Investment Co. LTD, Jeremiah Quayson, he indicated they are hoping to support the healthcare services in Ghana in the fight against Covid-19 by avoiding one on one contact with each other.

The President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo announced on Thursday night that Ghana’s cases of the novel Coronavirus has increased to 378, an addition of 65 more cases.

The Healthscan Tablet by Tulip Industries uses a thermal camera to scan the body temperature more precisely; the heart rate and oxygen saturation are picked up by the sensors when a finger is scanned to measure the blood flow’s oxygen saturation. The Oxygen saturation is dependent on the alveoli function in the lungs.

With a Covid-19 induced pneumonia, Alveoli filled fluids prevent the Oxygen from transferring into the blood stream, through capillaries around those alveoli; hence an O² level below 90% requires the person to seek medical attention as other organs may be affected by a poor oxygenation of the blood; combined with an abnormal temperature and fast heart rate, those 3 indicators together mean that the person is a health risk. The indicators help prescreen the healthy patients from the severe cases and help prioritize the access to medical attention before the laboratory tests. The covid-19 scanner is bringing here a cheap and renewable way to prescreen the public outside, the patients indoors and save lives by prioritizing urgencies.

The devices are expected in the country when Ghana’s boarders are reopened.

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