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With so many blockchain projects just focusing on similar and overused concepts like fast transactions and low fees, ReeCore brings about a fresh change by allowing anyone to learn new skills and gain knowledge on a wide variety of subjects on their platform. 

They provide private, fast and low fee transactions too but their vision also includes other important goals that they will achieve with the help of blockchain technology. They want to spread  knowledge among the masses and and provide charity to organisations in need. Free education is perhaps the best gift anyone can give to humankind and it opens up doors to new opportunities. That is why REEX is also known as the people’s coin.

Why Choose This Model — 
Goodwill and charity is what unites us in this harsh world and now we need it more than ever. Almost all big organisations associate themselves with some form of goodwill activities but that is done just to uplift the brand’s image in people’s mind. Reecore on the other hand understands the importance of creating real value to succeed in today’s environment. And what better  way is there to create value than to provide free education and charity. The more value a company or product is able to provide to others, the faster it grows and starts getting used by everyone. Bitcoin and Linux are perfect examples of this.

Major Problem With Current Educational Hubs — 
Most of the existing educational providers are centralized which makes them prone to censorship and much of their  content ends up getting banned in certain countries. Reecore is going to eliminate any censorship from educational content. And to access the paid material users can use REEX coin which hides a user’s transactions from everyone else so that your government cannot know what content you accessed.

Charity Involvement — 
Currently Reecore is supporting 2 organisations which are One Track International (an organisation providing orphan care) and Tego’s Charity. Reex holders can also vote in their wallets on new proposals for providing charity support to different organisations.

USPs Of ReeCore—
People can learn and get certificates for completing courses.

Most of the content will be available for free
Educators can earn money for providing courses
Reecore team is KYD verified
All this provides good utility for REEX
Unique concept

Market Performance — 
REEX is currently being traded on Crex24 and Birake at a price of $0.00384079. Current marketcap is only $25,000 and current supply is 7,082,393 out of a maximum supply of 21,000,000. REEX price has been sitting under $0.005 for the most part of it’s life span with several short bursts of upward price rise every now and then.

Masternode ROI and Rewards Distribution—
Collateral 15,000
Masternode worth $ 58/0.0057 BTC
ROI in days 488
Reward for masternodes 6 REEX
Coins locked in masternodes 57.77%


REEX Team —

Olaitan Oyebola (CEO)
Olaitan Oyebola (CEO)


Saajan Hanamsagaar (CBDO)
Saajan Hanamsagaar (CBDO)


David Capellan (CTO)
David Capellan (CTO)











Charles Wundengba (CMO)













Benefits Of Investing In REEX — 
Reex is currently trading at a very low price, and the the team seems to be close to bringing out the online library, this could very easily send the price shooting upwards. And the satisfaction that you will get by supporting a project involved in a good cause can’t even measured in monetary numbers. Plus with the current masternode ROI of 488 days this could turn out to be a very profitable investment.

Important Links — 
Bitcointalk ANN:
Block Explorer :
Github :
Coingecko: Masternodes Directory


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