Self Mastery and Entrepreneurship

There is a vast difference between being a business owner and a true entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is someone who is always looking for new ways of thinking and doing things and constantly pushing forward. To be a successful entrepreneur you need to get yourself in the right mindset and always be working towards a better you. There are a number of ways to bring the entrepreneur within you to life and become the person you always dream of.

One strategy that has proven effective for many people is the use of vision boards. These can take many forms, but the basic idea is to create a visual image of who you want to become or what you want to achieve and keep it in a visible place. Some people cut out pictures from magazines and make a collage or use poster board and draw their desires themselves. Choose images that evoke emotion and passion in you and use them to activate the law of attraction to pull the things you desire most towards you. When you look at a vision of your dream everyday you will begin to manifest those things into your life.

Another strategy people use to improve their self image is affirmations. These can also be altered to suit your personality and your goals, but typically they are short paragraphs filled with positive thoughts that you repeat to yourself out loud for about 15 minutes per day. By pumping yourself full of positive thoughts each day you come to believe in them more and more until there is no doubt left. Many people find that affirmations can give you the confidence to open your mind and achieve your biggest goals in life.

A third method that can help you become a stronger entrepreneur is to create daily battle plans for yourself. These are like very short term goals that will help you stay on track and work towards your ultimate goal without getting distracted. As you work your way down your list and check tasks off as you go, you will have a better sense of accomplishment and move forward at a quicker pace with the confidence to succeed.

To become a successful entrepreneur you need customers and to get those customers you need to believe in yourself before anyone else will. Using these methods of self mastery will help make your dreams reality.

by Jordan Crowder

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