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The Traits of a Servant Leader

There is a dilemma of disbelief in people that they can’t be servant-leaders. The only thing needed is to know that you are a Potential servant-leader. You are naturally designed to add value to people who inspire 100s to equip other 1000s.

1. Communicates by Listening

The art of listening is irrefutably the most necessary tool in communication. It denotes the rationale behind effective communication. Its not about folding the arms, lips closed and playing the dumb when someone is speaking. The art of listening creates an agreeable consensus with the people involved in a communicating network, in that each party seeks to first understand before he gets understood.

“He just doesn’t get me”…. “I wish he could pretty understand my point”…. etc. If you often find yourself with complaining habits like these  affore-mentioned instances, It proves you’re missing it in your listening skill. It shows how your level of listening has been dimmed.

Potential Leaders are intentional listeners. To develop an effective listening skill needs appropriate inquiries necessarily more further to get a crystal comprehension of what you are hearing, even more self-clarified than the speaker. If you’re able to effectively speak by listening, you are a servant leader.

2. Shares Empathy
Have you heard of the positive say that goes “People are moved not by actions rather by emotions”? Yes! An unarguable truth. The cravings of people for merits like love, attention, significance, inclusion, sympathy and regards, sets the paramountcy in rendering actions of inter-personal compliance.

You have the potential to constantly develop team performance by using this valuable tool-empathy. You are a servant leader when your actions show the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

3. Builds a Community
A community is simply a group of people who share common values and beliefs. That which makes humans amazing is our ability to form and sustain communities and groups.
Crystal, realistic shared values builds a staunch Team when served.

A team’s survival and progress has always depended on working together, inspired by a common belief. You are a servant leader when your values influence a person who impact 100s that also equip 1000s.

4. Fore-thinker
Will a person continue to learn from you when you have nothing to share for a deliberate cause? I bet it if there is. People don’t serve people. People serve visions.

Servant-leaders shift from self-centeredness to vision-centeredness. His success duels on communicating the vision, and building others’ potentials to fore-see their big dreams. You are a servant leader when you are able to translate vision into reality.

5. Inspire Influence
Get this strict and flat. If your actions are able to persuade people for the development of their growth and goals, you are a servant-leader. Every person serves his team, employees, or group when his deeds makes a weight of influence.

6. Self-awareness.
This is one of the core human endowments every individual possesses. To be aware of yourself generates realization to your distinct talents, skills and personality. It also in the same vein projects awareness to your weaknesses, shortfalls and deficiencies.

It can suck self motivation sometimes when our weakness get disclosed to us. But the ability to commit to developing advantages, builds strenght for greatness and validates you a Servant-leader.

Sometimes the things that hold us ego-less is the high attention we give to our imperfections, and what ignorant people criticise us wrongly for. You’ve got to accept an inner assertion that you are a Potential servant-leader. You have the ability to lead from within and behind by translating dreams into a tangible reality. You’ve got to keep doing it! Don’t Stop doing it!

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