Wednesday, November 29, 2023

She Planned Her Son’s Birthday Party so well that She started a Business out of it


Estherlla Davoro is a Ghanaian entrepreneur from the gold rich town of Obuasi. She started Rubies and Pearls Events, an event planning company in 2017 and she is currently the Director of the company.

Estherlla’s dedication to giving her best at everything her hand touches to do led her to the starting of Rubies and Pearls Events.

“It was my son’s birthday and I wanted to create a lasting memory that he will remember always so I decided to have a theme School party for him. By theme I mean his favorite cartoon character; which was blaze and the monster machines”, she narrates how her business started.

“Since then I got parents contacting me to have similar parties for their kids and that was how we kicked off”, she added.

Rubies and Pearls Events is into photoshoot styling for mothers and their newborn kids, kids themed birthday parties with bouncy castles, character birthday cakes, face painting and customized T-shirts. They also carry out 24/7 delivery services both cooperate deliveries and personal errands.

Estherlla hopes to see her business grow with branches in other places outside Obuasi within the next few years and steadily help others through trainings and workshops to equip them with the needed skills required to gain extra income.

Rubies and Pearls Events could be located in Obuasi, Lowcost-Brahabebome or contacted on +233552475578 and +233242208284.

They are also on Instagram :@rubiesandpearlsevents and on Facebook : Rubies and Pearls.

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