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Social entrepreneurs, Africa’s answer to sustainable development?

Every century has its own peculiar problems and solutions or managerial ways used in tackling these problems. I think and I know a lot of people will agree with me that the problem of the 21st century is unemployment.

We have seen a lot of entrepreneurs rising across Africa and other parts of the world in past few decades at an incredible rate.

Most Africans especially Ghanaians are becoming entrepreneurs because finding white colored job is nearing impossible if it hasn’t already.

Thus people are creating jobs for themselves in various forms.
Most of them are entrepreneurs but a few call themselves Social entrepreneurs.

Just like entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs are also in to make profits but provide goods or service with the society in mind. Thus, they provide goods and services in the pursuit to help others.

Some examples of social enterprises across Africa are; Zaacoal which was started by Sulley a Ghanaian, who collects coconut pods and turns them in to charcoal for sale. This charcoal is smokeless, environmental- friendly with social impact!

Another is Totohealth in Kenya. It uses mobile technology to reduce maternal and child mortality by sending health related messages to registered members. Once the members register the stage they are In parenting, they received tailored messages which helps in the development of the child and the betterment of the Mother.

Also,Esoko, currently in Ghana and Tanzania , is a social enterprise that has developed apps that train and support farmers in monitoring production, increasing yield and marketing. Esoko tracks data generated from the apps for analytics and uses it to improved farm yields.

The final example is Repurpose schoolbags. It is a green initiative from Rethaka, a South Africa-based startup. Thato Kgatlhanye and Rea Ngwane founded the startup to create positive change. Their 100% recycled plastic schoolbags double as a nightlight for school kids. The bag features a solar panel that is charged during the walk to school which is used at night at home to work on assignments and other important things.

Now, tell me, do you think Social entrepreneurs are what we need as Africans?

Let’s get talking in the comments section.

By: Rachel Bulley.

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