The Priority of Basic Necessities: The Pillar Of Societal Transformation

Other parts of the world also do have opposition parties just like us …but they have a common interest of developing their nation regardless of differences in ideas and political colors.

They follow a common agenda and a grandmaster plan to totally eradicate poverty and economic freedom of their citizens

They understand that it’s a human rights abuse for a citizen to go hungry or denied a decent abode of living but we don’t

So regardless the debates on the floor of parliament, the citizens have basic necessities like food, water, good roads, decent places to live, quality education, proper sanitation & health facilities, respect for the vulnerable in the society like children, women, PLWDs , aged etc.

Yes, the arguments and debates are obvious but we must never lose sight of the basics development on the grounds. Basic necessities like food, water & Sanitation, health, good roads, decent accommodation, quality education, etc are not development but a necessity for humanity

What at all does it take for a whole government (Let’s say MMDCEs) to provide these basics … We have sand, gravels, cement, water, land, timber etc infact we don’t have to import any of these, they are freely & readily available for the government to use to provide free decent housing for us especially school block and health facilities. We can later think of importing computers and other materials that are not produced or manufactured here.

After 60 years we still have dilapidated-death-trap school buildings, school under trees, shift in school attendance systems leading to tracks. We are probably waiting for some grants for such basics? Providing such basics should be regarded as luxury!

Sometimes we are tempted to think that Ghana is Accra or Kumasi and the other capital cities… even with that, trust me the place they call Accra, the capital city of Ghana is one of the biggest villages in Ghana – it’s dirty, filthy, without plan, very dirty again, no proper drainage, no plan again, no escape roots or alternative drive outs in terms of emergencies, have the highest number of street children ( when we have a whole ministry of children, women, social and whatever ministry right in there), have the highest deficit in accommodation, nice slums lol and of course also has east legon, Cantonment, trasacco and the sweet seat of government.

One of the biggest scams is for our village folks always relocating to Accra for greener pastures, they end up as harden criminals, vulnerable head carriers, prostitutes and brostitutes. Driving or walking through Accra, behind every nice building or storey building you will see a nice house or neighbours benith because there is no plan and it’s either the nice building or storey is erected in an unaproved location or in the water ways. So in any case of disaster, the poor man behind suffers the most. Cities especially capital ones and properly planned with some level of restrictions on the movement of persons and activities.

If the MMDCE is able to build a decent home for him/ herself within a time frame of less than 4years or more, why can’t he help make use of the resources in the same jurisdiction to build same for the people who put him there?

Why should the voter wallow in poverty and voted-for swim in riches why why why…

What’s happening to our country ?

We are fully energized with stupid & aimless debates heavily diluted with corruption, selfish interests, greed and with less regards for the plights of the people talk less of the vulnerables like PLWDs!

The poor masses suffer in everything I mean in everything just name it … These are leading to everyone wanting to be rich overnight, increase in crimes like robbing, fraud, and other illegal businesses. I strongly think that if government is able to leverage on what we have to give us what we need, everyone will live happily and not wanting to use illegal means of becoming super rich overnight.

And the so call leaders enjoy the sweat of the poor. The cocoa farmer whose sweat gives the whole nation funds has nothing to boast of, the cassava farmer whose sweat gives us that fufu we smile about have little hopes with his children and the list continues unabated.

Amidst all these we hear super government projects in books and in the media. Any time you hear a caption in the media as … Government to…, Government to… P3, Raise a scam alert lol

One day when the trumpet sound er, we shall all see our level smoothness( the thin dey pain me lašŸ˜­)

After all the resources and money we raise in this nation, the glamorious grants, the super huge borrowings, etc, we should not have issues of deficit in decent places for everyone to live in, food and water should not be a problem, the youth should be enjoying from legacy projects, the aged and retirees should be smiling with grandkids in the garden of their labor…


After over 60 years we still don’t have a clear vision of the direction of our nation …

We are still losing sight of the basic things that are supposed to makes us happy. No wonder we don’t have a ranking in the index of happy nations. Happiness resides in the little things we have.

Let’s not follow the mistakes of our fathers …

Let’s not do the things we accused them of!

My daily musings …
amb. Henry OSABUTEY |GGA|
+233 204 983 384

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