Gender is most critical since many lives are affected by the impacts of COAL establishments. Thanks to WOMIN ( ), we learnt that Coal has negative impact on our communities especially women, such as health problems due to the pollution of water and air which causes miscarriages from drinking COAL polluted water and respiratory diseases. Women have to take care of their sick children from the extractives.  The effects also bring about land grabbing and division of communities since the affected communities no longer have a source of livelihood. This causes loss of food security because families are affected and homes are broken (where men leave their women behind in search for an alternative source livelihood).

Everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their Health or Wellbeing


Mining affects many therefore the establishment of a COAL powered plant in Ghana would affect the communities greatly since the Ekumfi community’s only source of livelihood is fishing and they depend on rain water for survival. How would they survive if the atmosphere gets polluted? Social culturally, our ancestral graves are going to be relocated and cultural heritage destroyed due to relocation of settlers.

Our Toxic tour by Ground Work ( )

The pollution from COAL is massive to the extent that though we spent less than an hour close to the mine, I still experienced serious headache. Ghanaians must not allow coal to destroy our atmosphere and environment. The outcome will be illnesses and diseases in our country. This is why we at 350-GROC (Ghana Reducing Our Carbon ) are declaring #StopTheCOALDream in Ghana because due to its deadly effects. COAL Kills!

I must say that many are of the view that COAL is a cheaper alternative but its health implication on our people and environment is too expensive and it would be the best for the country to GO Renewables which has long term benefits. The toxic tour also made us realise that COAL can never develop a country because the environmental and health tends to impoverish the country the more.

Research has shown that the  periodic blasting end up causing brain tumour in chilldren and inhaling the dust results in many illness.

The name DeCOALonise is from Kenya. Across Africa we are going to campaign on this and make sure we share in each countries campaign to make our voices heard.  The campaign platform aims to unite campaigns and movements working to end the age of coal in Africa and move to clean, renewable energy. We are, uniting diverse campaigns with a call to halt new coal infrastructure in Africa. Together, we are more powerful. It’s time to deCOALonise Africa Fast!

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In South Africa we discussed about the deCOALonise platform journey so far and everyone had a good understanding of what deCOALonise is and the vision for the platform. We got the opportunity to share our experiences and challenges from each country (such as: Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Cote d’ivoire, Senegal, Benin and South Africa) is doing in fight COAL. This helped in us to know how we can work together to best spread the word across the continent. We learnt about setting smart goals and ways of organizing good meetings (tips, strategies, rules and steps). Social media is a major campaign tool we can use moving forward and Chris shared with us the digital skills.


Breathing life into a clean and affordable energy future for all is what we want for Africa.

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