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Tiwala Markt Usa Partners Messiah Organics Chain-To Export Organic Foods To The Us


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Tiwala Markt Usa Partners Messiah Organics Chain-To Export Organic Foods To The Us

A US-based company, Tiwala Markt Company LLC registered in Texas and Delaware has partnered with Messiah Organics Chain; a Ghana-based company registered in Ghana to export organic foods to the US market.

The two companies as part of efforts in helping to increase the revenue stream of smallholder farmers have teamed up to organize smallholder farmers into organic out-growers to export part of their produce to the US market and other international markets. This comes after the establishment of the Africa Continental free trade agreement which seek to increase the trade potential of the African continent.  The two companies believe that the organic foods market is the catalyst that will help African farmers reach their full potential in the agriculture space and benefit from ACFTA.

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According to a 190+ Pages research report by Facts & Factors, an international market research company; the global Organic Food And Beverages Market in 2019 was approximately USD 220.00 Billion. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16% and is anticipated to reach around USD 620.00 Billion by 2026. Top market players are Amy’s Kitchen Inc., The Hain Celestial Group Inc., Private Label Companies, Organic Valley, General Mills, Inc., Whole Foods Market Inc. and others.

In an Interview with the Chairman of Tiwala Markt LLC Mr. Wisdom King Adukpo, he stated that as a new entrant in the United States Organic Foods Market, Tiwala Markt LLC with its offices in Delaware and Texas is poised to adopt strategic systems and policies that will position the company to tap into the multibillion-dollar organic food market.

“There are always new ways of doing things, that is why Tiwala is not afraid of the big players in the industry, we don’t usually focus on competition, but are very fixated on partnerships, because we believe the organic market in the US is big enough to accommodate us all. As a Ghanaian resident in the United States, I believe it is only right to take advantage of the large arable lands in Ghana to increase our organic foods thresholds for export.”  He stated.

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On his part, the CEO of Messiah Organics Chain, Mr. Dwomoh-Doyen Benjamin was very optimistic that this partnership is a big game changer for the organic foods trade in Africa. He stated that his company is currently sensitizing smallholder farmers on the need to adopt more sustainable farming practices including organic farming to increase their revenue and to protect their health and the environment. He revealed that Messiah Organics Chain is a startup in the African Organic Food market, but the technological strategies and systems they are developing will make it a force to reckon with in the ecosystem.

“To us, this partnership is only the beginning of very good things in the pipeline. We have had several meetings with the leadership of Tiwala, and I know they have been very impressed with the strategies we are adopting to form the farmer-based organizations, provide organic inputs to the farmers, organic protocols we are developing and the certification authorities we are going to be working with. This partnership is good news to African farmers especially farmers in Ghana and other West African countries. All stakeholders involved in the organic food trade must be excited with this partnership.” He revealed.

Messiah Organics Chain is an agribusiness organization mainly engaged in the commercial production of organic foods through a chain of organized out-growers using internationally certified organic farming protocols, training and other related services to make organic farming processes less cumbersome and cheaper for all stakeholders. They provide a turnkey organic farming support services encapsulating the complete value chain of organic farming to facilitate easy group organic certification audits.

Tiwala Markt Company Limited is a commodity trading company registered in the United States of America in the states of Texas and Delaware, and also in Africa in the countries of Togo and Ghana. They are known for the Tiwala rice brand formally golden crown rice.

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