After the tremendous response to our post Top 8 Altcoins to invest in August, we received a lot of requests from our visitors for a September edition. To this, we gladly obliged and have come up with Top 10 altcoin picks for this month.

Last month, 12 out of the 15 coins we suggested saw a huge growth, breaking all our previous prediction records. We attribute this success rate to our deep market study and analysis by considering upcoming events and partnerships, upgrades etc. This list is no different.

Grab the opportunity before the value of these coins goes skyrocketing.

  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The Basic Attention Token (BAT)  has been conceptualized as a means of improving the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token which can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users on the Ethereum blockchain. Led by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, the ICO for their web-browser, Brave, raised $35 Million USD in 30 seconds flat.

Sentiments: BAT will release its Mercury version in Mid-September

Tech Analysis:


All time high: 0.00013211 BTC

Current Price: 0.00004978 BTC

Expected Price by end of the month: 0.00009 BTC – 0.00015 BTC


2. Bitshares (BTS)



BitShares (BTS) is an open-source software that can be used to launch Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs) which issue shares, produce profits and distribute profits to shareholders. BitShares offers a stack of financial services like exchange and banking on a blockchain and BitAssets, the currency of BitShares, are digital asset tokens that have eliminated the burden of price volatility.

Sentiments: BTS is planning to add new coin pairs on DEX.

Technical Analysis


All time high: 0.00016215 BTC

Current Price: 0.00003014 BTC

Expected Price: 0.00008 BTC – 0.00012 BTC


3. FirstBlood (1st) is an upcoming eSports gaming platform that will allow individuals to test their skill and compete in online games by using smart contracts and oracles on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike existing platforms, all of FirstBlood’s transactions are publicly verifiable, viewable, resistant to counterfeit, and not subject to the risk of institutional processing. Payouts will be rewarded to the winner based on the data from the gaming server.

All time high: 0.00104 BTC

Sentiments: Firstblood is in great dip and planning to add a new game on its platform in September.

Technical Analysis:


Current Price: 0.00013 BTC

Expected Price: 0.0003 BTC – 0.0005 BTC


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4. Waves


WAVES is a versatile 2.0 platform that allows users to trade tokens of value on a fully decentralized network. This allows for leveraging of speed, security, and transparency of the blockchain with the stability and adoption of established currencies – fiat currencies or digital cash, and the WAVES token is the fuel of this platform. The team believes that mass adoption of blockchain has been a failed venture so far and aims to address the issue with WAVES.

All time high: 0.002407 BTC

Sentiments: Waves is forming new partnerships every month, and they will announce a few next month.

Tech analysis:

Current Price: 0.0011 BTC

Expected Price: 0.0022 BTC-0.0030 BTC


5. Stratis (STRAT)


Backed by Microsoft, STRAT is the fuel that powers Stratis – a flexible blockchain development platform designed for the needs of business and service providers that want to develop, test and deploy native C# applications based on blockchain technology on the .Net framework. It provides solutions tailored to the companies needs at extremely competitive rates.

All time high: 0.003804 BTC

Sentiments:  Stratis will release the breeze wallet in the first week of September.

Tech Analysis


Current Price: 0.00144 BTC

Expected Price: 0.0027 BTC – 0.0050 BTC


6. Particl (PART)



Conceptualized for building a global person to person and business to person eCommerce, Particl is an open sourcedecentralized privacy platform. It is the first DAPP built on Bitcoin with confidential transactions – it keeps the amount transferred visible only to participants of the same (and to those designated).Their privacy tools allow for two parties to interact in complete anonymity without the need for any 3rd parties.

All time high: 0.002974 BTC

Sentiments: Part is undervalued right now, It will release its wallet app in September.

Tech Analysis: NA

Current Price: 0.002 BTC

Expected Price: 0.004 BTC-0.006 BTC


7.  Qtum


The Qtum Foundation is a Singapore based entity that promotes adoption of Qtum –  an open source Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain application platform. Qtum’s core technology combines a fork of Bitcoin Core, an Account Abstraction Layer, allowing for multiple Virtual Machines aimed at tackling industry use cases and offering a robust environment for developers.

All time high: 0.006928 BTC

Sentiments: Qtum will release mainnet in September.

Tech Analysis:


Current Price: 0.0041 BTC

Expected Price:  0.008 BTC-0.012 BTC


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8.  Binance Coin (BNB)


Binance is one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in China. Binance does not provide fiat (eg. US dollars) to cryptocurrency exchange, rather focuses purely on crypto-to-crypto exchange. It emphasizes security, speed, and customer service above all else. Binance is known for its low trading fees (0.1%) as well as its fast transaction processing. The Binance technology is capable of processing 1.4 million orders each second, making it a world leader in potential exchange volume. The BNB token is the native currency of the exchange, and owners of these tokens are being offered heavy benefits.

All time high: 0.0006996 BTC

Sentiments: Binance is fastest growing exchange right now, with lots of upcoming ICOs and Coin Pairs. It has great potential to grow.

Tech Analysis: NA

Current Price: 0.00045 BTC

Expected Price: 0.0009 BTC – 0.0014 BTC


9. ZeroX (0x)


The ZRX token was launched using the 0x protocol  in the beginning of August 2017. 0x is a web application creates and deploys a new, secure, ‘trustless’ and ‘feelless’ exchange that allows users to trade ERC20 tokens directly on the Ethereum blockchain using 0x protocol. ZRX is inherently their governance token and it plays a critical role in the process of upgrading 0x protocol. 

All time high: 0.000132 BTC

Sentiments: NA

Tech Analysis:

ZRX tech analysis


Current Price: 0.000077 BTC

Expected Price: 0.00015 BTC – 0.0003 BTC


10. (CFI) is a distributed global platform that connects exceptional startups, experts and investors worldwide. It will first be built by the blockchain community for the blockchain community — and then for the whole world. It is a platform where the best ICO projects are selected, helped with expert coaches, given promotional funds and showcased to the investor community. The key idea is that the distributed economy can bypass not only industries like banking, but also the VC industry.

All time high : 0.00015361 btc

Sentiments: Its undervalued right now, they will launch new projects next month.

Tech Analysis:


We want extend our list by including 5 more coins which have equal potential to go 2-3x in next month.

$MGO – “Undervalued right now”

$LUN– “Production Blockchain release next month”

$EDG– “Big announcements next month”

$XEL– “Undervalued, Active development”

$DNT– “Development release next month”



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