Top 7 Black-Owned Breweries in the U.S.

Black-owned brewery

Known for their relaxing and inviting atmosphere, cheerful patrons, and delicious libations, breweries are soaring in popularity. Whether you’re looking for a unique date night idea or a new place to gather with your friends, check out some of these must-visit Black-owned breweries.
Here are 7 top Black-owned breweries to bask in:

  1. Rhythm Brewing Company
    Connecticut – Find in Stores!
    Launched in 2018, the goal of Rhythm Brewing Co. is to help consumers find their rhythm in life through their crave-worthy craft beer. Their unfiltered American-style lager is brewed to please your palette with unique combinations of hops and malts. With the easy-to-drink lager as their only brew on the market right now, you’ll want to keep your eye out for future releases.
  1. Harlem Brewing Company
    New York – Find in Stores!
    Founded in Harlem in 2000, Harlem Brewing draws from its Harlem heritage to create infused brews with unique flavors. The beer is sold not only in the U.S., but Europe and Asia as well. The aromatic brews also won the People’s Champ Award for Best Brews in NYC. Founder Celeste Beatty made her mark in the craft beer industry for Harlem, and continues to do so 19 years later.
  1. Cajun Fire Brewing Company
    New Orleans, Louisiana
    With a motto of “No Politics, Just Beer,” Cajun Fire consistently provides flavorful brews. This brewing company uses the finest available products and local produce to create top-notch libations. From a delectable cream stout to refreshing honey ale, you’ll find the perfect beverage to satisfy your cravings.
  1. Harris Family Brewery
    Allison Hill, Pennsylvania
    The first Black-owned brewery in central Pennsylvania, Harris Family Brewery is committed to crafting the best beer possible. Take one step into their new taproom and you’ll be instantly immersed in the urban culture that enriches the local community and adds value to the neighborhood.
  1. Black Frog Brewery
    Holland, Ohio
    U.S. Army veteran Chris Harris launched Black Frog Brewery in 2014. One of the fan favorites is a delightful cream ale called Cream of the Frog. If cream ale isn’t your forte, Black Frog Brewery has a wide range of beer that is sure to bring a smile to your face.
  1. Brazo Fuerte Brewing
    Find in locations across Massachusetts
    The first Black female-owned brewery in Massachusetts, Brazo Fuerte is a fantastic place to delight your taste buds and show your support. The brewery focuses on Session beers, which are easy to drink and come in a variety of styles. Founder Bev Armstrong recently partnered with Samuel Adams, one of the highest-rated beer brands. This just goes to show the value of crafting innovative and approachable beers for everyone to enjoy.
  1. Down Home Brewing Company
    Georgia – Find in Stores!
    Out of the 66 breweries located in Georgia, only one is Black-owned. Say hello to Down Home Brewing Co. Family-owned and operated, founder Chris Reeves brews delectable beer with the consumer in mind. With a complex selection of brews to choose from, Down Home Brewing Company’s goal is for the consumer to take a sip and feel right at home.

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