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VERNA Changing Lives – Another Life Touching Story


Every child is not just a child.  But a life full of potential or better still potential locked in the womb of tomorrow.  Verna Mineral Water, it has been our dream as a company and a foundation to  give a  helping hand always to the needy and helpless in society.  That is our way of giving back to society.
 Verna Changing Lives; Our hands of help found Regina,  who was given birth to at the Mampong hospital to Maabena; her mother.  The surprise about her birth was that,  the doctors and nurses discovered that unlike every normal baby girl,  Regina didn’t have a vagina and anus where here urine and feaces could pass.
 The  Verna changing lives,  in our research we were informed that Regina would either have to leave with this condition all her life because her mother could not afford to pay for her surgery or try surviving through the hole on the side of her stomach to live.  Her condition was disheartening.
  Verna changing lives; we donated money for baby Regina’s surgery at the Korlebu teaching hospital with hopes that the surgery will go through successfully and have baby Regina return to the life every baby deserves.
  Our Verna dream came true.  The surgery was successful and the team followed over to Tutu to celebrate with the family.
 We gave out a random amount of money to the child and her mother,  to take care of their basic needs and also  a range of products from our brand; twellium industrial company limited.  This was Regina’s story.  And we served our purpose.  We are glad as a foundation  that we could help Regina get her life back.  We do not intend to end with Regina.  The Verna dream still lives on.
  It is amazing that everyone could help in this Verna changing lives initiative too.  Simply by purchasing a bottle of Verna Mineral Water.  Every bottle of Verna Mineral Water you buy helps to touch a life.  Support the brand that supports.
Verna changing lives! Check out the video now !
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