We need women at all levels to reshape conversations – Owusuwah Asamoah

Throw a glance at your social media during the Face of Ghana Youth Awards 2022 and you’ll probably notice the voluminous hair, dripping evening gowns, and a constant supply of super fit, beautiful women and men who graced the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Headquarters’ Conference Centre.

You may even engage in the age-old stereotype of “brains or beauty,” scroll past the social channels, and assume that’s all these women have to offer but look closely, though, and the diversity, charisma, and intelligence exuded by the audience and especially women who outnumbered the male audience, is undeniable.The audience boasts seriously impressive backgrounds and career goals, and many have a lot to say about women in business and leadership roles, and about female empowerment, in general. NebuzzAfrica.com was backstage all weekend long to talk with the women, including the crowned winner, Miss Owusuwah Asamoah, a nutritionist with the Achimota Hospital in Accra.

On Youth Empowerment and Entrepreneurship

Miss Owusuwah Asamoah, who just graduated from the University of Ghana with a degree in consumer science, argues that contrary to popular belief, pageants help propel women and their communities further.

“Organizations like Miss Legacy Ghana are a great stepping stone in women’s rights, equality and empowerment because it provides an opportunity for women to impact the entire world through our platforms in every way we can,” she told NetbuzzAfrica.com. “Even the contestants who have not been crowned Miss Legacy Ghana or Miss Ghana understand we have a responsibility to go back and change our homes and create more opportunities.”

“We need women at all levels, including the top, to change the dynamic, reshape the conversation and make sure women’s voices are heard and heeded, not overlooked and ignored,” she added.

Although she’s likely to support women empowerment, Owusuwah Asamoah will now focus on her platform to promote youth entrepreneurship and offer support and training to several youths in Ghana.

She told NetbuzzAfrica.com that she now plans to focus on championing youth entrepreneurship in Ghana as well as propel her platform to raise funds to support these entrepreneurs and young people to grow their businesses and become successful.

“We are on a mission to catalyze youth entrepreneurship and wealth creation across Ghana to create jobs and generate revenue.” “I think every youth deserves to be equipped with skills that will enable them to be independent and self-sufficient especially in these times where job security is not promised.”

“Now it’s my time to make a difference in society and reduce the unemployment situation.” “Every single day I’m going to do my best to inspire people,” she added. “Given the chance, women like me can conquer anything in this world because we have the power to paint the future and are the masters of our own lives.”

“The world has started to celebrate womanhood beyond the narrow definition of beauty pageants. Let’s also travel less celebrated entrepreneurial pathways,” she concluded.



The Face of Ghana Youth Awards this year honoured Ghanaian Youths on Saturday,5 February in Accra. The awards scheme seeks to empower, and recognize hardworking individuals and groups championing the development and making meaningful impacts on Ghana’s socio-economic growth.

By: Samcilla Baakojr

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