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We Only Live Once, Don’t Live Life Doing What Won’t Bring you Satisfaction.


People will always look at you and tell you what kind of job suits you best and why you must choose it. Most people tend to know what is best for others than what is best for them. They will be struggling at their workplaces but are giving you advice on how to enjoy your work.
There are many doctors who are frustrated with their work because they should have been artists or teachers, chefs or bankers. They chose to be doctors because the family and friends demanded it.
Should it be a surprise if a graphic designer is getting more money and satisfaction than a Bank Manager? No. You never get tired doing what you like doing and the more you work, the more you are sure of making more money. The frustratings on weekdays and joy when weekend approaches is a sign that we might be in the wrong profession.

After Senior high school, I was teaching the wards of a church member at home. One day after the lessons, I engaged in a conversation with the man. I revealed my joy at a holiday which was coming on the following day, he wasn’t happy with it.

“Why should you be happy with a holiday? Staying home without doing anything is your joy?” He asked.
“You don’t know how I suffer teaching these kids at school”, I told myself.

I wasn’t happy with my work and the workload was also so great that I wished I had more than the two days weekend in the week. But this man loved his job that he wished he was working everyday.

Satisfaction promotes increased productivity at work.
You might be heading or already landed in the wrong profession, it is not too late. Spare 1 hour a day to learning what your heart truly loves.
You can contract someone to teach you a new language, tailoring, cooking, website designing, publishing, coding, graphic designing or photography.

We only live once, don’t live it doing what won’t bring you satisfaction.

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