What You Must Know About Classycoin

ClassyCoin‬ is a high value, peer to peer decentralized digital currency that is based on the ERC20 token and deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a cryptocurrency of the same nature as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but with a much bigger aim to specifically serve and help the Social Networking Industry.

The coin is intended to whiting Classy Network to buy ad spaces, pay for goods and services and give tips to friends and families across the Classy Network. At Classy Network, we believe in supporting community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards. For inspiring participation in the community, ClassyCoin would be presenting the users with a currency or a free market economy that is a fair accounting system, and consistently reflects each person’s contribution.

ClassyCoin aims to accurately and transparently reward an unbounded number of individuals who make subjective contributions to its community.

Contract Information
Name: ClassyCoin
Symbol: ClassyCoin
Contract Address: 0x30cc0e266cf33b8eac6a99cbd98e39b890cfd69b

Classy Social Network Site Key Features

 Make Friends

Follow People

People can Follow You

Share Post

Share Photo and Video Post

Instant Chat

Audio and Video Calling

Create and Join Group Chat

Make Livestream Video

Like Posts

Comment on Post

Send Emojis

Send Private Messages

Sell Goods and Services

Book Hotels across the World

Book Flights

Book Backpackers

Hire Car

Find Restaurants around the World

Find Private Driver

Find Freelancer Services

Tip Friends and Families

Download their whitepaper here

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