When She Was 23-Years Old, She Had Already Become the Only Black Woman in St. Louis to Own a Pro Sports Team

Khalia Collier, Black woman owner of the St. Louis Surge

The sports industry is known to be dominated by men. But Khalia Collier didn’t let that stop her from owning her own sports team back in 2011. At just the age of 23, Collier became the owner and general manager of the St. Louis Surge, the only women’s professional basketball team in St. Louis, Missouri
Collier has always loved basketball since she was a child and she was good at it. She used to join basketball teams from grade school, high school, and college. Collier, who finished college with a degree in Marketing, has also been interested in business from seeing her mother, who is an entrepreneur herself

Collier started thinking about owning a team when she became a player for the Surge. As she continued learning more about team ownership, she thought it would be a great opportunity to buy the team she used to play for.

Aside from the business aspect, it is also important for Collier to “show and prove that a women’s franchise is not only viable but sustainable in the market,” she said in an interview with Shoppe Black. And it actually happened. She became one of the youngest owners in sports at any level.

Since then, the St. Louis Surge has successfully won five regional championships and two national championships play at Washington University. What’s more, she herself is a winner for she is able to inspire other women that they could be leaders as well.

“My responsibility as a woman is to create more opportunities for women that look like me not just providing a platform for professional athletes but leadership and front office positions. Once the door is open it is my responsibility to leave it open for all of the incredible women willing and prepared to work hard to achieve their dreams.”

For more information about St. Louis Surge, visit www.stlsurgebasketball.com

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