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Why graduates and job seekers must use LinkedIn Effectively.


LinkedIn is a very useful tool for every working person, new graduates and students. It has become a powerful job search tool over the years.

If you have signed up and the only thing you’re doing on LinkedIn is updating your profile every now and then and waiting for the headhunters and recruiting managers to reach out, you’re missing the craft.

We are in an environment where job has become so scares for new graduates and job seekers looking to start a new career or turn to having new jobs must often use LinkedIn to find opportunities because LinkedIn gives us a way to make new professional connections using its existing connections; it gives us a way to network in more meaningful ways, to access a larger pool of business prospects.

LinkedIn is a massive database for everyone, and should play a vital role in your job-search plans and strategy. Having heard about a growing company in your area or country and wondered whether they might need someone like you to be part of their human capital, LinkedIn can do that magic.

Before, you would have to call or write to the company, search your contacts to see if any of your friends might know someone who works there, or call the front desk and ask for HR. Those are all slow, burdensome and less-than-highly-effective research methods.

Many human resources executives/managers at top companies peruse LinkedIn as a way to scout for top talent.

Additionally individuals, business owners and company executives frequently use LinkedIn to market themselves or their brand to reach out to potential clients, customers and followers.


About Author:

Winfred Akuffo Ansah is a Business Development Executive at MacBens Multi Resources Ltd. He is a results oriented individual with over 7 years proven experience within the Banking, Human Resource, product and sales department, Health and Safety, event management and good leadership capabilities.

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  1. This is a great article. LinkedIn is an effective tool at your job search. Another tool is http://www.poun.se and it works beautifully with everyone’s individual job hunt. Even moreso for new graduates where it houses a place to provide samples of projects from class, to provide context to their skills and learning. Hiring managers love it, AND it’s not a social network. Win / Win.

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