Why People Choose One Product Over Another

Why do you choose one brand or product over another brand or product?

People select their choice of a brand based on their overall impression of each brand. So before they visit supermarkets or stores to buy items, they had already arranged the list of items they wish to purchase in a certain order. If they wish to buy powder soap, they have already selected in their mind the particular kind of powder soap they wish to purchase. The choice they make is based on the decision they made on a brand with regards to how it appeals to them.

Some select particular brands based on how it appeals to their senses.

This includes how it looks, smells, tastes, feels or sounds.

Some brands also appeal better to their reason based on what they can use it for and how it performs in relation to other brands. Some people claim iPhones are easier to use and classier than Android smartphones. This could be a reason someone would choose an Apple iPhone over other Brands.

Some brands could also appeal to the client’s emotions. Benz automobiles are considered to be patronized by the rich or the wealthy in society so the feeling of being rich could make someone choose a Mercedes Benz over other car brands. These come with psychological rewards.

So before the individual decides on one brand over the other, he has already considered the various appeals.

Brands are like a person; though one, the individual has various characteristics that come together to make him complete. We still consider him as one person. So for someone to love that individual, he must have considered his various attributes and still considers him best to befriend or choose as a partner. This is similar to how we see brands. Though with many features, we still see them as one and unique among its competitors and appeals to our senses, the reason and emotions.

Every brand has a blend of motivating and discriminating appeals. The motivating appeals inspire people to buy the brand. In the smartphone industry, every company is producing phones with selfie cameras. This has become common because it is an integral part of the considerations clients make when buying a smartphone. Some appeals are less important in motivating people to buy the product type but add an extra value that makes the brand different from others. Those are the discriminating appeals.

Factors Affecting Brand Personality

The factors that affect brand personality are sometimes under the manufacturer’s control but some are not.

It is in the manufacturer’s control to decide how to name the product, package design, how to advertise, price and distribute the product.

When the product gets to the market, whether the customer will buy it or not lies with the customer. The customer may consider his or her past experiences with the product, what people have told him about the product and how the product compares with its competitors in the same market. These factors are beyond the manufacturer’s control.

It is difficult to segment consumers and attach them to particular brands because their decision to choose one brand over another can change over time and anytime. Some people may be buying a particular brand because of its proximity to them and also due to their financial state, once any of these improve or change, their choice of brand may also change.

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