Why Should I Spend 30 Minutes On Personal Development Every Day?

A complete, comprehensive and effective personal development program can help you reach your goals.

I encourage you to spend at least 30 minutes everyday working on yourself and at least 90 minutes each day working on your home based business.

First let’s define personal development.

Personal development is the process of improving your personal qualities and skills.

These qualities and skills include, but are not limited to:

Mastering Time Management

Character Development


Commitment (Taking Consistent Action Everyday)

Communication Skills







Listening Skills



Problem Solving Ability

Ability To Build Relationships

Being Secure In Yourself




Having A Vision

Goal Setting

Goal Achieving

Building Rapport

Overcoming fears

Changing Your Behavior

Personal Productivity

Changing Personal Habits

Taking Personal Responsibility

Leadership Development

Staying Motivated

Being An Influential Person


Some people have massive success in network marketing and some people don’t make any money at all.

Why is this? Personal Development.

Your success in in network marketing comes down to ONE THING: Your willingness to grow personally. If you are not strong enough personally to help people get out of the rat race and live a life of total financial and time freedom you will never be successful in network marketing.

You are where you are today because of the way you think. The way you think determines the paths you go down in life. If you take the time to get yourself into the program I have developed, you will change the way you think and you will grow as an individual. Once this happens you will be successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Personal Development is about looking in the mirror and fixing what is lacking inside of you. That can be a difficult task sometimes but I am here to help. My priority is to help you make it to the other side of the river and achieve all of your dreams. Improving your personal qualities and skills is the way to accomplish this dream.

The top 6 reasons why I strongly recommend spending 30 minutes each day working on yourself are as follows:

1. Personal Development will mold you to become the type of person that WILL make it to the other side of the river. If was easy to cross the river, earn a 6 digit income, and live in total time and financial freedom, then everyone would have accomplished this already. According to the 2010 US Census, only approximately 15% of the entire population earns over $100,000 each year. It takes a special person with special qualities and skills to be able to make it to the other side of the river. Being committed to this personal development plan everyday will make you that special person.

2. John Maxwell states “If You Want To Grow An Organization, Grow The Leader.” I want to see you build a HUGE organization in network marketing. In order to accomplish this, we have to focus on growing YOU first. We have to make you the type of person that other people want to follow and that is what spending 30 minutes on personal development everyday will do. Your organization’s ability to grow is directly tied to your ability and desire to grow personally.

3. Personal Development will change your focus from “using people to help you” to “having people use you to help achieve their own dreams.” When people first join a Network Marketing company they usually have the mindset that they are going to find people to help them build their business. In order to be successful in network marketing you must have the exact opposite mindset. You can never reach ultimate success by using people. You must be focused on having people use YOU as their personal coach. Of course, in order for someone to look at you as their personal coach, you must be a strong person. And we are not referring to how much weight you can lift at the gym. You have to be a person that possesses strong personal qualities and skills that other people desire to acquire. Only then will people use you to help achieve their own dreams. This can only be accomplished by spending 30 minutes everyday on personal development. You must be strong to help the weak.

4. Personal Development will give you the ability to solve any problem and overcome any obstacle. If your personal development is at a level 7 and you come across a problem or an obstacle that is a level 8 you are in BIG trouble. And trust me, you WILL come across many problems and many obstacles on your journey across this river. That is why it is so critical that we make you strong! We will not fear the “8” problem that comes along because we know you are a “10” and you will crush it! Don’t wish for problems to be smaller – strive to make yourself BIGGER! Spending 30 minutes a day on personal development will turn you into a “10.”

5. Becoming more successful doesn’t necessarily require you to work harder but it does require you to work smarter. You can talk to thousands of people but, if you don’t possess certain personal qualities and skills, none of those people will follow you. However, if you do possess certain personal qualities and skills everyone will want to follow you! Therefore spending 30 minutes on personal development everyday is worth its weight in gold!

6. Personal development helps remove the negative mental and emotional attitudes from your mind. By removing these negative mental and emotional attitudes from your mind you free yourself to reach your goals. The key is to identify what is it that is holding you back from crossing the river right now and develop a plan to remove it.

There you have it, the 6 main reasons why we highly encourage you to set aside 30 minutes everyday to follow a personal development program.

We are where we are right now because of the choices we have made over a course of time. However, by just spending 30 minutes everyday on personal development, you will acquire the personal qualities and skills that you will need to cross the river.

Just remember this one quote: “Your level of income will never rise above the level of your personal development.'”

Investing 30 minutes everyday into personal development is time consuming. But what better investment could you possibly make than in yourself?

A Great Place To Start Your Personal Development Journey Is By Picking Up Material By Any Of These 5 People:

Jim Rohn

Zig Ziglar

John Maxwell

Anthony Robbins

Robert Kyosaki

by Paul Kroto

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