Wi-Fi: A Silent Killer that Kills Us Slowly

Having a Wi-Fi at home has nowadays become a necessity and it is present in almost every household. However, there have been a lot of concerns regarding its safety, i.e. the negative effects it has on the overall health and well-being, especially to that of children. Some claim that Wi-Fi routers may cause brain problems and trigger sleep-related complications, as well as numerous other ones.

It appears that we cannot escape from modern technology and the radiation exposure because it is literally all around us! Moreover, in 2015, the French National Assembly passed a law that bans Wi-Fi from nurseries. This is of pivotal importance if we take into consideration that wireless radiation has been associated with serious health issues ADHD, cancer, autism, Alzheimer;s,, etc.

The Dangers of Wi-Fi

  1. Elevates the chance for cancer

The electromagnetic radiation coming from wireless devices is believed to contribute to the development of tumors.

  1. Causes cardiac stress

Did you know that a lot of people respond to electromagnetic frequencies by having an increased heart rate? This consequently makes one more prone to heart-related issues.

  1. Impedes proper childhood development

The non-thermal radio frequency radiation from these routers may have a negative effect on the cellular development, particularly in fetuses. This radiation is so strong that it influences growing tissues in both children and youth.

  1. Neutralizes sperm

Frequent exposure to Wi-Fi may lower the proper movement of sperm and lead to DNA fragmentation and trigger problems with fertility or cause abnormal pregnancy.. 

  1. Disrupts sleep

Irregular sleeping patterns may be caused by low-frequency modulation coming from Wi-Fi routers and cell phones. This is serious if we take into consideration that regular deprivation from sleep is dangerous for the overall health and well-being.

  1. Reduces brain activity

Your router may be impeding your concentration capacity and brain function and may lead to loss of memory too.

How to Protect Yourself from Wi-Fi Radiation

  • Do not put a Wi-Fi router in your kitchen or bedroom
  • Never keep your phone in your pocket
  • Use phone with wires at home to minimize the radiation
  • Pregnant women should avoid keeping their cell phone near the belly
  • Text more than talk
  • Avoid using wireless baby monitors
  • Prior to sleep, disconnect Wi-Fi devices
  • Never use your laptop or iPad on the lap; keep it further than the body


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