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Wundef.com is 3 years old, The Journey so far.

Wundef.com is the only blog in Ghana dedicated to the promotion of small businesses and startups for free. Prior to starting Wundef.com, I already had 3 other blogs running. Wundef.com was started as wundengba.com which was changed after 4 months to make it easier for readers to search and find my site. Northernghana.net was my first website and I started it 2015.


The Alpha

After participating in the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) in Lagos, Nigeria in March, 2017, I met a lot of young leaders and entrepreneurs. I listened to their stories and was surprised at the kind of impact these young people were making in their various countries.

“Who is telling the stories of these great young Africans”, I asked myself.

I was inspired to write about people who were impacting the lives of others in their own small ways. So I bought the domain and started work on it. I sent questionnaires to entrepreneurs and young leaders I knew at the time. When I receive the answers to the questionnaires, I stay up at night to edit and find suitable headings that would pull other people to visit my site and read about these young game changers. I decided to add leadership, inspirational, marketing, personal finance and Work ethics categories to the blog. I wanted Wundef.com to be the one stop place for everything entrepreneurship.

The first person I profiled on wundef.com was Mirabelle Morah from Nigeria. I met her during the YALI program in Lagos, Nigeria. I have over 100 profiles of businesses and personalities on Wundef.com.



When I started Wundef.com, since I was already running other blogs, it made it difficult getting wundef.com updated on time. Due to my love for business and entrepreneurship, I started spending more time on Wundef.com to the detriment of the other blogs.

Moreover, wundef.com was getting fewer traffic as compared to my other blogs since they were more into politics, entertainment, history and religion. I was disappointed by the traffic I was getting but my passion for blogging on business and entrepreneurship kept me going. I was paying for domain, hosting and spending much time on the blog though I was making no money from it.

I sometimes wrote stories about businesses and they got new contracts due to my article but I received nothing. I was never worried because I just loved blogging aside my teaching profession.



Introducing Wundef Show

In 2019, I decided to do a video version of the interviews I published on my blog and I called it the Wundef Show. This time around I visited the entrepreneurs in their offices or a meeting point and have a video interview with them about their work or activities they were into. The first episode of the Wundef Show was released on 7th May, 2019 and it was an interview I had a pastor who was also a poultry farmer. He discuss the difficulties he faced at the beginning and how he lost his first 1000 birds and got broke. If you haven’t watched this video, please click here to watch it (Note: It was done in the Akan local dialect). This is a playlist of all 20 episodes of the Wundef Show I have done since 2019 on my YouTube channel.



Wundef.com has more than doubled its traffic in 2020 due to the fact that I have increased my time I spend on Wundef.com. I have profiled more businesses including businesses that are less than a month old. I try to tell the world about what these entrepreneurs and business owners are doing. They may lack the finances to advertise or promote their businesses in the mainstream media or they may not even get the opportunity.



I was named among the Top 50 Ghanaian Bloggers in 2018 by Avance Media. I have also been named in the list this year.



Wundef.com is the only blog in Ghana dedicated to the promotion of small businesses and startups for free. Sometimes I send profiles I have written about individuals and businesses to other blogs to publish and I get back emails telling me they are promotional articles and I must pay before they are published.

I believe that by sharing stories of how other people managed to start their businesses, I am helping to encourage other people to also become entrepreneurs or business owners.

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Mavis May 26, 2020 at 2:00 pm

You’re doing a great job… Keep it up

Christopher May 26, 2020 at 6:00 pm

Good job.keep it up

Nana Ohene Adu May 26, 2020 at 7:08 pm

Ayekoo and thanks for your passion!


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