Xiaomi’s First Car On Track for Mass Production in 2024

Xiaomi, the Chinese tech giant known for producing high-quality smartphones and smart home products, is expanding into the automotive industry at a faster pace than expected. According to the company’s founder, chairman, and CEO, Lei Jun, the winter test for Xiaomi’s first car has finished successfully, and the team is rapidly growing, completing tasks faster than anticipated.

Lei Jun confirmed that the company is on track to begin mass production of its first car in the first half of 2024. With over $433 million already invested in its automotive business, Xiaomi’s team is continually growing, and it now comprises more than 2,300 people. A new round of investment exceeding $2.8 billion is expected this year, with an additional $14 billion to come in the next five years.

Xiaomi’s ambitious plan to enter the automotive industry will undoubtedly shake up the market, and their progress so far proves they are more than capable of doing so. The company’s unique perspective and expertise in technology will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the development of their vehicles.

During the company’s Investor Day, the CEO also suggested that Xiaomi should look into robotics as well, as the development of such technology will accelerate the self-driving capabilities of cars and speed up the manufacturing process. Robotics could also lead to more efficient and cost-effective production, ultimately benefiting the consumer.

Xiaomi’s entry into the automotive industry aligns with the global shift towards sustainable energy and electric vehicles.

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