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You don’t have to die poor


You didn’t choose your background, but to a large extent, you determine your destiny through your mindset and the choices you make. Most successful people were not served a silver platter. Those born royals are far less than 0.01% of the global population. The goal is not for each of us to be a dollar billionaire, but to live a better life than we were bequeathed.

Stop wishing anymore that someone will surprise you with a fortune. Stop blaming your past or your background. Take full responsibility for your choices henceforth. Resolve you must win and win clean. Shortcuts to the top are unnecessary and may claim your life. What you become in your pursuit for a better life is far more important than what you get.

As you have heard since childhood, nothing good comes easy. All good will be attacked. Fight like a seasoned warrior. Fight strategically by networking widely. Alone, you’ll get exhausted and knocked down by life. Take risks no matter the outcome. No one was jailed because of a failed business. Playing safe hasn’t delivered results anyway. The bigger the risk, the higher the chance of winning big.

Be generous with the little you have. Generosity opens the door to receive. A lot of people are stuck in scarcity because they always expect others to help them. Giving creates in us the abundance mentality. And the good old book says, if you become a good steward of the little God has given you, you will be entrusted with much more. We are only blessed to the extent that we bless others.


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