You have Today!

Most often than not, a lot of people start the year with resolutions, plans and aspirations they’d want to attain or achieve during the year but because they do not get enough motivation, they do not attain most of these plans.

Are you like these people? Do you feel disappointed in yourself? Do you feel like giving up on everything?

Well, I’ve not come to condemn you. I’ve not come to tell you you’re very lazy or any such things, I’m here to tell you that Today is that Day you get everything back together.

Today is a brand new day with its own package, get back to your drawing board and re-strategize your plans! You did this and that but they didn’t work out so it simply means you need to change something about those plans.

One of the new things you can do today is to talk to some people who have tried and or continue to do something similar to what you intend doing. As the saying goes, experience is the best teacher. Since they have gone the path you intend on taking, they will be the best to give you a near accurate direction.

These people can be your mentors and most mentors are concerned about what their mentees turn out to be so they make sure these mentees do the needful at all times.

Also, you can equally watch tutorials of relevance to your plan as well as read books at any given time. Just know that you can not give up easily.

Now, get up and make a move! Today is that Day!!

By Rachel Bulley

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