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The Africa Chamber Of Content Producers Adopts Comcent To Rebrand Africa.


Over the years, the continent of Africa has suffered negative publicity from local and western media that has made Africa synonymous with poverty, war, and hungry-looking children. However, this is not exactly the case in all situations. The continent of Africa can also boast of some beautiful and wealthy places like Trasacco valley in Ghana, Kigali City in Rwanda, Victoria Island, Maitama District, and Ikeja in Nigeria, Sandhurst and Rosebank in South Africa, Talatona and Luanda Sul in Angola, Muthaiga in Kenya, etc. However, these beautiful and wealthy places in Africa are not popularized like the negative images because it defeats the agenda of painting Africa a poor continent. As a result of this negative publicity, some investors, who otherwise would have come to invest in Africa, have shunned away from Africa because of the idea that there is not adequate infrastructure in place to support their investment.

It is for this reason the Africa Chamber of Content Producers (ACCP) has adopted a communication tool called Comcent to begin changing the narrative of Africa.
Speaking on behalf of ACCP, the International Relations Director of ACCP, who is also the Executive Chairman of Ghana International Model UN (GIMUN), Mr. Philip Gyamfi said, “the Chamber which has existed since last year has the mission to change the narrative of Africa through positive contents. Already if you look at social media, there is not enough infrastructure in place to make sure the positive narrative about Africa is put forward. What we see on social media is the narrative that we are trying to change. As a result, we employed our research team to scout to find if they could find another communication platform that has not been polluted by bad publicity about Africa and they found Comcent. Comcent is a communication tool that brings leaders and members of a community on one platform and allows them to discuss the problems of the community and share appropriate solutions that can be implemented by both to solve the problems. We believe adopting Comcent as our communication tool will provide ACCP with a novel way to carry our communique across and seek for the impact we are aiming for.”
On his part, the CEO of Comcent Limited, Kwadwo Dwomo II, expressed gratitude to ACCP for adopting their system as their communication tool. He said, “As a team, we are very happy that the Africa Chamber of Content Producers has given thought to us and chosen us as their communication platform. We promise to work on our system to make it reliable for our users at all times and also build more features in our system that is going to make communication between members and leaders in a community much easier and fun so that much more people will be convinced to use the system, and for ACCP to reach a larger number of people.”
Comcent, the community media app, will be available to users in April this year and we are looking forward to how this partnership turns out. As usual, we will keep our readers updated.

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